Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Whenever I go onto twitter it seems as if the whole world explodes at once but what can you expect from a system that explodes at the speed of life literally. There is so much fuckery going on this month and the people in my twitline seem to acerbate the problem. Maybe I need balance in my twitline anywho that is not what this post is about far from it actually bear with me I am working up to my point. I guess the habit of writing to get your thoughts together right out the box dies hard thanks to English teachers around the world who push journals on their students.I'm trying to learn how to shut out outside influences and tune into my inner voice more its a process.

I like the month of February not because its the shortest month and aside from it being Black History Month, but because for a closet, closet, closet, trapped in the closet romantic like myself shout out to the peeing piper chester the molester of thug & B It's because of all the heart sentiments being pushed left and right, especially the wedding industry I love it. There are so many wedding events coming up I am so tempted to run to all of them I think the wedding industry is like the best industry there is sure it is a business but what a wonderful business it is to be able to plan and share in a couples special day. Joy and rapture (swoon) shut it don't judge me its the little things.

So songs routinely get trapped in my mind and are played according to my emotions its the way that I am wired shrugs anywho this song:

has been on repeat in my mind ever since I thought of the title for this blog which happens to be the name of this song my mind works in weird ways (shrugs) I'm a bit quirky but what can you do I think quirky happens when you spend vast amounts of time alone like I do so either your mind begins to unravel itself or you develop coping mechanisms ie quirks you can even develop phobias. Conclusion if you want to slide into madness spend vast amounts of time with yourself and see how your grip on reality loosens but I digress.

Some things I am super excited about, the color purple starring home
Fantasia as Ms. Cecily I get to see it this Sunday I am super excited and I can't wait. I finally went and got my nails done it's just something about getting my nails done that really does it for me I like having pretty hands. Makes me want to invest in rings, speaking of investments why did I look at Tiffany's engagement rings and they were like Uber expensive. Really Tiffany you just want to continue to be elusive and some what out of my reach? Getting Jewelry From Tiffany's is like my dream Supreme but again I digress.

This post is like all over the place I know blame it on messy thoughts and reading way to many horrible headlines this morning... Today is my mothers bday the wheels of time slow for no one they just keep marching on makes me reflect. I will say however pray for each other, pray for the children as well and remember we fight against principalities not flesh and blood. Hug your children and protect them way to many demons pretending to be human and hurting, killing, and maiming children right now. Pray for your children when they aren't in your sight and tell them that you love them daily.

Basically you just need to give more love, in whatever form you can whether it be tough love, compassion, understanding, guidance, help, time effort, a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, give love its free it doesn't cost you anything and if you just pause and be still you will see that there is someone in your life right now that can really use it and needs it. We get so caught up in the day to day that the little things fall by the wayside. Pay attention a little more tune the noise out and just listen.