Wednesday, February 17, 2010



Now that you've called it quits and you begin your mourning process what are some of the things you use to get over that initial moving on phase? The longer the relationship, the more emotion invested the longer the grieving of the death of said relationship. I know for me the older I get the harder it is to bounce right back and it takes longer as well. That's why I hate investing in something and not having it work out its like damn another mishap added to the long list of shit that didn't pan out after awhile you begin to feel like man repellent. It's gotta make you feel some kind of way and your self esteem might even take a dip until you bounce back but that's neither here nor there. The most important things to remember during this break up process is not to let them see you crumbling, broken, and bruised.

Yes in this case you will have to fake it until you make it. Take extra care to look your best, if you can afford it treat yourself to getting your hair done, get your nails and feet done, smile, go some where beautiful, do something for self during this ugly messy emotional process. Take all that negative energy all that anger or even sorrow and use it to your benefit. Turn it into something positive rent some of your favorite comedies and laugh your ass off until your stomach hurts. Go dancing, flirt with a guy/girl you have no interest in but keep it light last thing you want to do is lead anyone on and hurt someones feelings in the process. I don't advise jumping into another relationship right away give yourself time to heal and grieve. I also don't advocate hashing all the shit over with your girlfriends that will make the grieving process much longer and who wants that.

If you don't have kids, or something to love on think about getting a pet, a plant, borrow a niece or nephew, volunteer at a homeless shelter, do something for someone else it will get you out of the house take the focus off yourself and help you feel a little better about yourself especially if you volunteer some where you will do good and feel good its a win win situation. Last but not least remember make it a clean break, don't make it messier than it has to be I know this is easier said then done especially when children are involved but no one likes drama and the less mess that your children are subjected to the better. Be classy, be elegant and walk away with a strong back, head held high, and your dignity intact that will kill them and what a mental picture to stamp in someones mind. I know all of this sounds good and it might be easier said then done in the end because everyones situations is different but like usual take what you need disregard what doesn't work for you and of course if you are in a abusive situation you should run far, hard and fast, get to safety and never look back love isn't worth dying for.