Thursday, February 11, 2010


I don't want to leave the thugs and they down ass chicks out this V-day so I thought I would go ahead and post ten videos of thug & B so the gangsta's and they ladies can do they two step, backyard boogie, crip walk of love or whatever else dance gangstas do but they might not even dance maybe they just lean shrugs so here goes.

10. First up Ja Rule the pusedo gangsta he was harder than fruit salad, and him and Murder Inc was winning it until the other fake gangsta came through and crushed him something horrible.

9. Next would be yep you guessed it half a dollar himself 50 Cent the song that had all the fresh out the pen and some still in quoting his lyrics and really asking girls these questions like it was the hotness and yes sadly some chicks was impressed sigh.

8. Next up we got Busta Rhymes I wouldn't really call him a thug but I think he might call himself one...anywho here we go

7. The next offering is Shyne he never should have dealt with diddy the devil but you live and learn hopefully, nothing like an old fool.

6. Next crazy Earl aka DMX

5. Mr. Cheeks/Lost Boyz

4. The yaki and her booski Beyondce and Jay-z

3. Ghostface Killah ft Raheem Devaugn

2. He never got to make a video for it but I love this song RIP Tupac

1. I bet you can already guess the song if not shame on you, yep Method Man And Mary J Blige.