Tuesday, February 02, 2010


(this song sums it all up perfectly)

It's officially Febuary and with that comes a couple of things a shorter month, black history month which is practically forgotten and that auspicious day where everyone either gets freaked out, giddy, or totally hate it, yep that's right that time of the year again where you will be inundated with messages of love ad nauseum. As I've gotten older and also through the years I have never ever had a boyfriend or even someone I was "talking" too coincide with feb 14th divine intervention or the bigger question that I keep coming back to in my mind is maybe I am just not meant to be with anyone AT ALL!

Hell with all the "statistics" about the black woman and marriage maybe I am just supposed to ride this life out unattached and childless statistically speaking that is what the numbers say right? I mean we all know the saying "If you want to make GOD laugh tell him about YOUR plans" maybe I am just one of those people who aren't meant to be boo'ed up. When people ask me why I'm single so many reasons often come to mind but the basic bottom line is I really just don't think that there is a He for me. I'm not sad when I type that and I'm not forlorn not by a long shot it's just one of those things that I have suspected for awhile and I am just acutely aware of it. I haven't met a guy yet that has stuck some where around meeting them and trying to get to know them they just simply wander off or they suck with follow through or they just don't have that umph that makes me want to even remotely give them a chance.

(this song well the chorus always seems to play in my head for whatever reason and I have watched this video many times but I never noticed Usher in it for whatever reason until just today funny.)

I'm not even picky nor remotely shallow when having interest for a guy but I know what will and what won't work for me and a lot of what passes for dating these days is simple and utter bullshit I do come with expectations and standards, and I also know that the 2010 guy hates the words expectations, communication, honesty, loyalty, and waiting so you can see the potential problems one might run into in the dating spectrum if that is part of your dating expectations. Not everyone is going to get to fall in love, meet the guy/girl of their dreams, have the wedding, the white picket fence with the two kids in the yard, and the dog and cat. I wish that society didn't place the value of a black women so low and I wished that black men didn't either but what can you do when given lemons make lemonade but sometimes there just won't be any sugar to take the bitter away... so you have to make do with just lemon water sometimes it is what it is and what it will be.