Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Now that the overly sappy pushed down your throat day of valentine's is over many people who might have said yes to things they shouldn't have or stayed with someone they really wanted to break up with can finally come to their sense and go ahead and make that a reality. I know sometimes we get swept up in the urgency of a situation and before we know it we are like how the heck this happen and how can I quickly undo it and you just might be staring down the barrel of emotional buyers remorse. If you think you might want to return a title to sender because its not working now and you don't see it getting any better in the future its time to break. So here are some videos to help you get in the right mind set to break up, break out, walk out, or plain just leave like a thief in the night.

10. Mariah Carey- Up out my face remix

9.Sunshine Anderson-Something I want to give you

8.Ashanti-The way that I love you

7.Ne-yo-Go on girl

6.Mila J-Good Looking out

5.702-Gotta Leave

4.Mary J blige-Enough Cryin

3.Syleena Johnson-Guess What

2.Vivian Green-Gotta go Gotta leave

1.Keyshia Cole-Let it go

Honorable Mentions:

Carrie Underwood-Before he cheats

Jazmine Sullivan-Bust your windows

Uncle Sam-I don't ever want TO see you again

Usher-Let it burn

Tyrese-How you gonna Act like that

Toni Braxton-Yesterday


Jennifer Lopez-All I have