Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Ladies it's that time again it's SPRING which means its time to show more skin (unless you're in a state with snow) and just really enjoy life while looking fabulous. Now if you like I am are a member of the Plus sized club then you are aware of your clothing options but if you aren't allow me to introduce you to some collections that you should be looking into.

First a side note I know everyone has very different taste and everyone has their own diva definitions so of course like I often say take what you need and leave the rest. At the end of the day do what works best for you, your budget, and your taste.

First collection I bring to you is a really fresh color khaki inspired collections I love having a basic pant and dressing it up or down with a variety of shirts. I think that Old Navy is a very good option for someone who is looking to dress well on a budget. I believe that Old Navy gives you more bang for your buck and they're clothes are made from quality materials vs. cheap materials, high mark up's. With Old Navy what you pay for is what you get and I this spring they are giving me the fashion business which I appreciate as a frugal fashionista plus sized diva.

Now for the fashionista that likes to kick it up a notch and get more rock, goth, edge inspired there is always Torrid. Torrid used to be my go to for fashion but as of late whoever the buyer is for Torrid has been more hit and miss then right on the money. I still love Torrid's jean selection they never seem to let me down in that department but the rest of their stuff has been a disappointment to say the very least. They are always changing their inventory every other day they have new stuff coming in so if you see something you like wait a couple days or a couple of weeks leave it in your wish list and keep coming back more often that not what you want will most likely end up on clearance and you can buy it and not feel like you wasted your money. Pro's of Torrid they have an excellent return policy, they have a diva discount after you spend 250.00 then you get 10% off all your purchases after that, they have a credit card. Con's They have a credit card, the buyer's are hit and miss, the clothes are geared more towards teenagers which is super retarded since the prices aren't teenager friendly, their shoes have been more hit then have, and their clothes can be on the cheaply made side with subpar materials causing the clothes to break down faster which equals more money in their pockets less in yours. So with that being said I bring to you what I just saw from their new section which like I said changes every other day so... as of now these are in my humble opinion the latest cutest offerings

Last but not least in this post is high end upscale, real grown lady diva type pieces from the website IGIGI now I have not yet ordered anything from their site but I always look at their pieces and they are beautiful and truly wonderful. It's a couple of things that I love about IGIGI first is that you can check out what works best for your body shape/type before you order anything and then based on your body type the site will give you pieces that will work best for your shape, I don't know about anyone else but when buying clothes that is a tremendous asset especially if you aren't sure of what would work best on your body. This company is one that is solely on the web and I believe in select boutiques but in northern California. I adore their dresses and one day when I have a special dress up occasions I look forward to ordering one of their dresses they even have wedding gown options now you have to love that. Some of their offerings that really make me want to spend, spend, spend, are of course down below.

Of course there are some stores that I left out but those are stores that I don't normally shop at or have shopped at but have either outgrown fashion wise or am leery about doing repeat business with them. But like I said this is to wet your appetite for spring and to inspire you to look cute not frumpy, dumpy, and just plain out wrong this upcoming season. We want cute not, why she do that inspired looks so review your budgets and if you buy something that's utterly fab please come by and share I love a good piece of fashion until next we meet again be the best BPYT you can be