Thursday, January 14, 2010


So there has been just some terrible shit happening lately first the devastating earthquake in Haiti and then Teddy Pendergrass died last night, sigh. For information on helping Haiti you can check out REDCROSS.ORG or text 90999 from your cellphone and you will be billed 10.00 by your cellphone provider and that 10.00 will go to the redcross Haiti fund. You can also keep abreast of the relief efforts and what not by following the Redcrosses twitter REDCROSS TWITTER There are also millions of other resources to help Aid Haiti in this troublesome time please Google for the nearest available resource and options.

Now I want to talk about a man that was musically dear to my heart, Mr. Turn the lights off himself, Teddy Pendergrass. The man's voice was just big vocally he could sing the house down he had a rough tenderness to his voice that just made you sit up and take notice from his first note down to the last. I remember watching him and Stephanie Mills in the play your arms are to short to box with God they were both brilliant and magnificent in that play.

There will never be another Teddy Pendergrass many will try but none will even come close. Read about Teddy P Here I'm going to include in this post some of my favorite songs (bonus thank you youtubers) actual footage of Teddy in his heyday preforming at his concert so enjoy.

Now this song right here is my absolute favorite from the first refrains of the song down to the last note. Listen to it buy it from itunes and get some candles and some brown liquor and just meditate on the words, the tone, and just the very essence of the song. Listen to the words let them massage your soul appreciate real music cause its slowly dying.