Wednesday, January 06, 2010


So for this new year I'm going to be switching it up a bit and bringing you what I think are some fly kicks. I love sneakers if I could buy sneakers all day everyday I would, and I would need a whole other closet just for sneakers alone (stares off into space a sneaker closet yummy) anyway I know some people don't get sneaker fiends but its like always getting head from a true head doc that dude/chick that hits all the right spots and makes you feel good all the time, that is the sneaker fiend high. When you find a pair of sneaks that speaks to your personal style and just moves you its like a burst of endorphins that go off in your head. Its the same way for women who love purses and handbags. So with that said I'm kicking this post off with some sneakers I think would look great in your closet this season.

I'm a big fan of Nike, high tops, and colors, but my main staple colors are blacks with embellishments ie (black & gold, black & silver etc) I like splashy colors but I feel some way about rocking bright bright colors if you got the attitude to pull it off do it. I like to break rules especially when it comes to things I like especially since no one has a nickel in the dime I spend meaning if you ain't paying then you have no say!

All shoes can be found and purchased on ZAPPOS if you must buy shoes please buy from them they will give you an excellent customer service experience and you don't have to worry about all those bitches ass shipping and handling fees that other companies charge you.

Rule of Thumb: these sneaks are my personal choices they just might not float your boot which is fine do you, always check the reviews of shoes, read descriptions and if you buy some sneaks on my recommendation I can not be held responsible for your choices I recommend them because I like the style of the shoe but I haven't walked a mile in none of these shoes unless other wise indicated so purchase at your own risk. Also with any shoe they may need to be broken in, I'd advise you to walk around these shoes in your house to see how they feel for at least up to 30 minutes to see how they feel. Use sense when purchasing shoes if you feel an area in your shoes that you just don't think will get any better then return the shoes and get your money back and last but not least all these shoes that I have posted today come in at least one or more color ways so it is worth your time to head over to Zappos and check these shoes out.

I am doing this on my own volition Zappos is not endorsing me nor do I have a deal with them in any way shape or form.

All these shoes are on my I want these list especially the black ones and the pink and white Adidas.