Sunday, January 24, 2010


I was talking to a friend and she was asking me about being in love, because she was feeling like she was IN love with someone that she just met at the end of last month she was feeling like it was too soon to have those type of feelings for a person she just met. I said to her ya know we get in our own way sometimes. We are human and we have emotions and before we got all caught up in the way of how it is now.

Times used to be much simpler, people used to connect on deeper levels faster and there were less distractions and obstructions to real genuine feelings and you would have no choice but to listen to what your heart and mind were telling you. In this day and age we are so distracted by all the shit we have in our lives, that feelings, listening to your heart syncing it up with your mind has gone out the window. All we care about now is syncing up our computers to our phones and other various applications and etc. We've put our emotions on the back burner and let everything else fall by the wayside. We've traded in our emotional intelligence for artificial intelligence and pseudo relations with each other. We will FACEBOOK each other, TWITTER each other, MYSPACE, FRIENDSTER, LINKEDIN, EMAIL, TEXT, SKYPE each other before we pick up the phone, visit, or meet each other. The internet is a wonderful tool for meeting people that you otherwise would have never even known about but eventually for it to be taken to a level where it can progress there has to be physical contact and interaction. Its all great that we can reach each other by all these different means but if you not planning on buying tickets or planning to meet then its all for nil...but I digress.

I am quite aware that some people might have their own agendas and some people are malicious with harmful intent and there are those that like to prey on the weak and the weak minded. But for all intents and purposes I'm not addressing those people I'm talking about when you meet the person that you just vibe with instantly, and they come in from out of the blue and from the time you meet them its like everything is instant and simple and just falls into place. They are the people you spend all your time thinking about, the ones that make you smile just by hearing their name, the ones that make you blush because you remember something they said that made your heart beat faster or made your body temperature spike, or when you think about them and in the very next few miutes they call you, I know it might be what many of the jaded refer to as the honeymoon stage when everything is euphoric, shiney and brand new when the rose tinted glasses are firmly in place but what if that is where it syncs for you and that person and you are able to ride it out without putting the kibosh on it before its time?

What if that honeymoon stage is the stage that takes you to the happily enough ever after? I think sometimes we get so caught up in the "what is supposed to be" vs what we should just let happen, sometimes you just have to ride shit out and see where it takes you, just enjoy the journey for what it's worth and appreciate the experience so if it doesn't pan out you can always look back and say but I loved, was loved, and it felt good to be loved that my friends is part of the journey of life so take the sweets when you can, because the bitter is always right around the corner waiting to knock you for a loop... Common said it best when he said "it doesn't take all day to recognize sunshine" and it doesn't. True some people come in our lives and they are just passing through, they are there to take us to the next level and they are there to impart something that we need at the time, so as long as it doesn't hurt roll with it enjoy the ride and be gracias when its time to get off! It's all trial and error, use your best judgement, listen to your inner voice, and trust your instincts. Listen to your inner warning system and if all else fails just leap and if it turns out that you shouldn't have guess what you learned something for next time!

Now in no way shape or form am I advocating having children with someone you barely know, indulging in destructive behaviors, or telling you to quit your job and relocate to a city to be with someone that you just met, I'm saying take the ride, weight the options, think it through and if you feel like you want to take the risk then DO IT! As long as you can deal with each decision made then do you, you are the only person who has to deal with the outcome.