Tuesday, January 26, 2010


One of the things that irritate and chaps my hide is the fraction of black folks that have went to college but use their degrees and over inflated sense of knowledge to bash ones who weren't so fortunate to do the same over the head with their education, titles, and inflated self importance. Look I get it you're extremely proud you're one of the talented 10th and that you pulled yourself up by your bootstraps and no one made you but yourself and yada yada yada. That is wonderful but just because you have a piece of paper that states you went to someones college/university for X amount of years doesn't really mean shit in the grand scheme of things. I'm not saying that education is not important quite the opposite knowledge is power but the shitty ass "I'm greater than you attitude" that comes with it needs to be put on a shelf some where.

In my opinion you catch more flies with honey, not vinegar if you are constantly lamenting the fact that you hate every movie that Tyler Perry makes but you love watching Martin you're a hypocrite Martin made money by playing multiple characters two of whom where women so GTFOH with that backwards ass logic. If you went to see Norbit and laughed at every part of that movie again you are a hypocrite and you really need to stop. Where is it written that black people can only move in one lane? Why is it every time something comes out that is classified as "urban" then the black intelligentsia want to protest and march in the streets? Why is it we even have to have this conversation repeatedly? If you don't like something then damnit don't spend your money on it. Just like if there was a movie that came out about some upwardly mobile stick in their asses black people who go to Martha's Vineyard and jet set around the world while looking down on the uneducated masses I wouldn't spend my money to see that because that doesn't interest me at all.

Why is it that white people can make just bullshit movies and no one says a thing. Movies that don't even have a point or make a great deal of sense but many will flock in droves to see it even the black intelligentsia will see the movies and just be in rapture over the crap lauding it as the funniest thing they have ever seen this year, and some of that shit is just awful, retarded and not funny at all. You don't see the Harvard educated white folks protesting the stupid movies their counterparts make, you don't see them blinking an eye nor wasting time speaking on it they roll with the punches and just go with the flow. They don't spend hours and expound massive amounts of energy complaining about dumb movies that their fellow brethren have made it doesn't turn into a big discussion about the merit of film making and the characters used to get a point across.

So why is it that black "urban" literature "urban" movies and "urban" television gets bashed to death by the black intelligentsia? if you don't like it don't support it, further more what are you doing to combat it and change it besides shitting all over it and whining about it? Not everyone sees things in the same way it takes diverse avenues sometimes to get a point across. Besides no one likes to be talked down too nor addressed as if they are children. Everyone has their own perceptions so why bash someone else who is trying to make a living just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean it is not a worthy contribution to the world. You have to have rain in order to appreciate sunshine right? So stop bashing things you don't like use that energy in a constructive manner why not help those you look down upon because not everyone has a set of bootstraps some don't even have boots!