Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Twitter once again has hit upon some inspiration man I know y'all can't forget Tony! Toni! Tone! that group came with consistent hits ever since they bust on the scene with little Walter hailing from Oakland the group had several hits before what always happens to every single group. One person gets bigger than the whole group and then eventually they break up. But please walk down memory lane with me one more time as we listen/watch some of their greatest hits.

1st. Lets lay the foundation this is their first song and video Walter the video is hard to see but you get the point:

These dudes where on several soundtracks this one is from house party 2 ahhh good times when kid went to college and threw that pajama jam in the cafeteria:

If you were in high school like I was when this came out I know some of the hot ones was slow grinding to this song, lawd. How many of y'all were made off this song. Every time I hear this song I think about boyz in da hood that soundtrack was the lick. Nina long had just came on the scene, ice cube was still angry, and Morris Chestnut was just a poot butt not even a household name yet.

Another movie soundtrack they were on was higher learning, John singleton again. When he was dating Tyra Banks ha and she played a track star this time though Raphael Saadiq went dolo on the track.

You can never forget this song EVER I used to love me some Charlie Ray Wiggins(also known as Raphael Saadiq)before he got all artsy and started being "eccentric" and boning Joss Stone le-sigh: