Thursday, June 25, 2009


6/25/2009 is the day the world held their breath and watched collectively as we waited for the other shoe to drop. We whom have grown up under the influence of music will never forget the flawed man who gave us such perfect harmonies and beautiful words strung together by melodies that changed us forever. I will never forget influence that his music has held over me in fact the song PYT is one I have adopted as my own and even named my blog after. I didn't know the man personally but I have met his sister once a long time ago when I was a child...but that is neither here nor there. Let's let his spirit and his music live on and remember the mark his music left on the world. But please keep it in perspective we didn't know him so please don't try and go to the funeral and jump in his casket!

Anyway here are some of his videos/music that we are listened to:

Notice a young Michale Lorenzo dancing in the video.

I don't care how many people redo the song, there is only one and it goes hard! I still bump this every chance I get!