Friday, June 05, 2009


Why must black folks shame themselves in the media? This story that has been all on the wire and even made it to the news and is now on youtube must be spoke upon. I got a couple of questions first who in the hell turned his ass in to the news? 2ndly why the fuck are these bitches still hopping on this niggas dick? If you in Knoxville Tennessee is he the only available penis in that whole little town I mean what is the problem? I really can not for the life of me understand why bitches still keep standing in line to be the 3rd through infinity numbered baby momma do these dudes have a penis that gold shoots out from the tip? What is wrong with y'all do you need to be loved that damn bad? Is it low self esteem? Is dude hitting the bottom out your vagina? Then you going down to the damn court and shit trying to get child support WHEN you already know dude can't support his kids or he ain't even got no job to begin with. Someone need to explain the shit to me please cause I don't get it for the life of me. If you stupid enough to lay down with a man who has more than one baby momma you need to be laughed at and ridiculed. Then its some of y'all out there who up and married a man with multiple baby mommas and the other baby mommas who didn't get chosen is mad as hell like they lost the prize smh.

I think when a man has multiple baby mommas they need to round the baby mommas up and put them bitches in counseling. If you not fit enough to make the decision to not have kids with a dude who has multiple baby mommas already I say you not fit enough to have the kids in the first place something has to be wrong with your mind. I don't understand why everyone walking around acting like they have to have a kid when really the know they shouldn't. Yes babies are blessings but some of y'all been blessed a little too much and now the county has to pay for them kids. Just straight up trifling and wrong dude is only 29 with 21 kids and 11 plus baby mommas and shit. All y'all involved need an ass whopping and the kids need to be put in a big ass orphanage cause y'all all fucked in the head far as I am concerned!