Friday, February 18, 2011

L.O.V.E. LOVE. L-O-V-E. L/O/V/E.

You ever stop to think that all the little pieces of your life the small and the big, the important and the not so important are all just that? Small pieces that at the end of your life someone looks at and goes, "such and such was a great person, or such and such was an asshole and I'm glad s/he is dead!" so what is really important in life? What is the one thing that strings all those little life pieces together? What will people say about you when they come to your funeral? When they look at your life which is the dash in between when you were born and when you died what will they reflect on? Is it success or what we call success? Is it having everyone know your name and buying/wearing your product? Is it having billions of dollars, living in fancy mansions, buying the latest MAYBACH, wearing couture clothes? I don't think it's any of that I think the one thing that money truly can't buy is happiness, nor love. It can buy a facsimile of it, it can even buy you an entourage but it can't buy you real love. There is a scene in the movie The Color Purple Where Shug Avery is telling Miss Celie that "everything just want to be loved." That is a true enough statement indeed.

We try all these things, we make all this noise, just trying to be seen, heard, loved and appreciated. For all of man's inventions and advances he has yet to be able to duplicate the one thing that is already abundant and perfect. There isn't a price tag on love, there isn't a mark up on love, you can't get it wholesale, or discounted, or even a bootleg copy of it. It just simply is...sure you can ignore it, fight it, be angry at it, be annoyed with it, be scared to experience it, even be sad to be in it, but you can't get away from it. Technology has allowed people in the world to be so distant and cold towards each other. Instead of heartfelt letters, and notes we dash off emails, and text messages, and when whole words became too much then a short hand text language is used so now you can say you love someone by typing I luv U or making heart symbols. I have started coining the phase technology at the speed of life but I guess I should change it to technology eating away at life, seems more accurate.

Luther has a song called Any Love if you grew up listening to great music then you have heard the song if not, why not? What are you waiting for? Back to my point this song is excellent I think it sums up my point accurately.

All I am trying to say is we go through this life, just wanting, craving, begging, needing, searching, seeking, hoping, praying and wishing for love. Just begging for someone to see us in our entirety and see that we are special enough to love. But because of the times, because of the busy lives that people lead, that all falls unto the wayside, and the busier you are the more you have a tendency not to see what is in front of your eyes. Love is a beautiful gift that is underrated, and taken too lightly. With all the advances that will be made in the future I wonder if we will finally get to the point where love will become obsolete? If so I hope I never get to see it, without love there is no hope, without hope there is no faith, and without faith there is just man, and that is a bleak future indeed.