Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Do you think the above images are racy? Too much for prime time television? Would you hastily turn your television off if this young womans commercial came across your screen? So then why was it banned on FOX and ABC? I mean really FOX of all channels, with all of the programming that FOX puts on there programming they have the audacity to even fix their mouths to ban this commercial that's like telling your daughter who is the town Ho to become a nun that's real crazy to me. Allegedly both these networks think this commercial is just too racy for their viewers and Lane Bryant is calling foul stating the real reason the commercial wasn't aired was because of it being a plus sized model and she she's considered that only in the modeling industry because there is nothing plus sized about the women in the above images. She's just curvy which in the fashion world automatically means you are a plus sized model. Only in america is beauty fit into such a narrow definition shit is sicking and disheartening. Especially when Victoria Secret models can walk around looking like they just had sex before they did their commercials double standards abound. I think its retarded obviously. I hope their bra's and panties sell that much more.

The Original Commercial: and The Original Article Behind the Banning of the Commercial