Thursday, April 22, 2010


If you have been tuned in else where then I'm sure you haven't become aware of what will soon have all the men drooling (clears throats) and imagining and talking shit when they are around their boys. Guess who has made the sexpot video of the year hands down thus far....

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Yep Ciara. I have always loved to watch Ciara dance she goes hard and I believe she can give any dancer a run for their money. She works her body like a fine tuned precision German automobile yes she is the Mercedes Benz of dancing R&B darlings hands down no one touches Ciara in that department she is an athlete period. If she wasn't a singer I could see her as a runner easily. Her latest video makes me want to learn every move she does and do it every morning until I have perfected it but I'm sure by that time she will have moved onto even crazier dance moves. The woman is a beast on the dance floor, if she ever decides that she wants to do something else I am all for her opening up a stripper workout studio.  I would also like to see her and Trey Songz pair up and do a steamy video together hell I want them to pair up as a couple actually, but I'm pretty sure it would be super weird since him and Bow Wow hang out in the same little circle talk about an awkward situation. Anyway enough of  my chatter unto the video enjoy!