Tuesday, April 06, 2010


There has got to be something wrong in the world when an EX-Cheetah girls start putting out crappy videos that smack of desperation. Is there no one around her to tell her, hey girl this song AND video sucked donkey balls I mean really? What next Miley Cyrus is going to put out a sex,tape (Please God NO!) I understand that fame can be a drug, one that causes people to do things they otherwise wouldn't but for this chick to make this song and video she either has a mean drug habit, her pimp made her do it, or she is just completely out of her freaking cheetah mind! Please hung your children and give them encouragement or the could end up shaking their asses and walking the stroll especially if they were fond of the cheetah girls and referred to them as idols.

check the video out to see what I'm talking about:

I mean really? When did hookers at the point need a soundtrack AND a music video to boot? Did you see the other hookers moonlighting as back-up singers? I mean I am all about people who wish to diversify their portfolio but really? Making videos and songs while walking the stroll is just some new shit and I am feeling some kind of way about it. I mean I know crappy music is all the rage these days but seriously? A whole video promoting drinking, taking drugs, having sex with a stranger possibly unprotected, promoting being a hooker AND shaking your ass in glittery hot pants without one drag queen in sight!!!! I mean the list of offenses just are a mile long and just way to the left.

Is this what is passing as expression in the streets now a days? Where are her advisors? Her home girl the one that can really sing needs to help this poor child with an intervention. Or at least hook her up with some type of song writers because this was just unbelievably toilet worthy. If I wanted to torture an enemy I would loop this song over and over again and watch their brain leak out their nose and ears. Someone call the Disney channel and get this poor girl back at Disney asap maybe she can be Mickey Mouse's ear cleaner or something anything is better than her putting out trash like this and acting like trash. This video is one of those cry for helps VH1 give her a reality show PLEASE save this child because clearly this was a blatant S.O.S. and if you have some spare change help this young lady by buying some of her Cheetah products and like the first 3LW album or single or something. Isn't their like a has been fund or retirement community for Disney child actors or something? If not Disney needs to look into that.

Give the other hoes some love as well