Friday, April 09, 2010


Ladies its that time again...Yes PYT's its time for Sex In The City 2!!!. How excited are all of you to be able to see the four famous friends from the big apple in couture, and more fabulous adventures?
May 28th can't get here fast enough as far as I am concerned. True enough my life can't be farther away from the type of life these women lead but I still love these women and their antics. I have watched the first movie so many time I can do the dialogue for damn near every scene. I can not wait to buy my ticket and look fabulous and go see this movie. That is a must do girls night out plus it will be Memorial day weekend when it does come out. What a fantastic way to kick the summer off anyhow enough with my excited banter and without further ado I give you the 2nd trailer for S.I.T.C 2. If this trailer doesn't wet your whistle and make you drool with anticipation then you just might need a pulse check OR a cosmopolitan!