Friday, October 09, 2009


I'm always soap boxing about something but I am also an advocate of treating one's self. Fact: this life is hard as hell and there will always be something to make you feel not good enough, something always trying to tear you and your self-esteem down so I say do small things that make you feel good about self. Especially black women who often nurture everyone else around us and give until we have nothing left for self. We take care of children, elders, households and often single-handily so sometimes you need to pause and pamper. Yes ladies coin the phrase stick it in your mental rolodex and use it often. Especially when you are almost at your wits end. When you're starting to feel like you just can't breath from all the pressure you're up against then pause and pamper. Drop everything you're doing and go ahead and take time for self and pamper yourself, give to you. Do something that will make you feel special and cared for and don't let anyone step on your pampering of self. Not a relative, a spouse, a negative friend, a naysayer no one.

Give yourself permission to do something for yourself recharge yourself, no matter what it is do it and don't think twice about it. Give to yourself so that you can have something to give to others you do no good to anyone stretched to your limits, angry, burned out, bitter, frazzled, I don't care what it is if it makes you feel good then do it. You don't have to justify your pampering to anyone but self. Now I am not advocating anyone abandoning their children, households or spouses, I'm saying hit the spa, get a pedi and a medi, get your hair done, buy a sexy bra and pantie set, get a small cute feminine tattoo, hell if you so choose get a big one, whatever it is you choose to do, do it with no regret and enjoy your little slice of happiness without apology! Find your inner BPYT take her out and do something nice with her she deserves it!