Saturday, October 17, 2009


If you have never been to a concert and you are a woman then I must say Maxwell gives you one helluva show. Everyone was good on his tour from Chrisette Michelle to Common who rocked the house and got the crowd hyped. Everyone on the Black Summer Nights tour was so on point.

Chrisette opened the set her voice was like velvet she didn't drop a note she can skat her ass off and she just made me super glad I bought her CD. She sounds even better live then she does on her CD if she comes to a city near you it is worth your money to see her.

Next Common got the crowd hyped first lets talk about how much of a grown man common is. Can we just meditate on that for a minute, Common came out in jeans that weren't too tight nor baggy but just right for his slender frame, he even had on a belt. Then let's discuss the grown man vest, and he had on a tie the overall effect was very grown and sexy you can say he was hitting on all points! Common ran through his most recent hits including universal mind control, go, and testify which is like one of my favorites as well and then he did the light which is always a favorite of mines you just can't go wrong with that song ever. Then he did an old school hip hop set that had me open like a 24/7 walmart. Needless to say he got the crowd hyper than a cheap five dollar high. Common and Dj Dummy was a win win combination, Dj Dummy got stupid phresh on the turntables even my momma was impressed and that's saying a lot, word to my mother!

Then Maxwell hit the stage first he set the mood he had these screens that had different images on them like screen savers but they were dope images it was a perfect back drop, then his band was on point horns, drummer, and a background singer. Maxwell of course ran through a few of his hits then he did his new songs and of course he was on point and he did the damn thang musically but I want to talk about the atmosphere he created mind you the Hollywood bowl is an outside venue so we were sitting outside and there is no ceiling but the air was thick with the hum of sex. Watching Maxwell and being there in his presence as he single-handily stirred up sexual energy was like being strapped into a chair tied-up with a clit massager humming on your clit slowly prolonging the inevitable that was the effect Maxwell had he literally filled the air with a raw sensual, needy, hungry, passion and the feeling literally touched everyone in the house even me so you know that shit had to be potent. Maxwell had me longing for a booski of my own if I had one he would have been worn out after I got home from the concert. Basically Maxwell set the stage for those who were not going home to sleep alone hell after that why would you want too?

If you want to have a great time, be touched in a sensual way and feel what raw sexual energy feels like I advise you to run to your nearest ticketmaster and see if Maxwell is coming to a city near you. Ladies if you are single find you a booski because you will want to share this experience with him if not call your fuck buddy and put his ass on stand by after the concert bring the condoms and get your ass the plan b pill no need for a slip up.

I had a great time it was money well spent it was definitely a pause and pamper moment and if I get the opportunity I might do it again...he is going to be playing Vegas.....