Monday, October 05, 2009


It occurred to me that I often share the bad but not often the good, now my life is not as colorful as some but simple things delight me like finding a free standing M.A.C store in my local mall suddenly the mall just became a whole lot cooler again.

Spending time with my family especially my nieces and nephews who are such crazy fun awesome kids they amaze me with the things they do and say. Then there is my love of doing arts and crafts, painting anything that is paint-able and something as simple as finding a really cute pair of jeans, or getting my hair done or my feet and nails done. These are the little nuggets of richness in my life the mundane everyday ordinary things that are delightful.

Hearing a new song that has to be put on repeat until I am absolutely tired of it, trips to the 24/7 walmart, scented candles, warm comforters, cute shoes, black and white movies, anime cartoon and movies, writing, karaoke, online shopping.

Hobo bags, leggings, warm boots, concerts, having a girls night out, trips to Vegas, being told you're sexy,cute,pretty, etc ego boosters, personalized jewelry, going to the movies sparingly because they are so high its better to just buy the dvd now, doing a good deed, treating someone to something when you have the resources, shopping for my niece, listening to her chatter, playing with her.

New ink, being inspired to get new ink, a favorite tattoo, smelling good, a trusty ipod whatever generation, fuzzy sweaters, funky colored heels, a signature scent, HULU, waking up in my right mind, oatmeal with brown sugar, warm slippers, comfy bedclothes, putting on makeup, taking makeup off and just unwinding after a night out, watching my brothers grow up, new sneakers, leopard print anything, making my family laugh, cooking a good meal, hot tea with honey, spending the holidays with family.

Anyways just some of the little things that bring me joy...