Thursday, July 30, 2009


My Lord, My Lord this has been a long week. It has dragged like a queen getting ready for a show...pow. Anyway I saw this commercial and it deleted my soul just a wee bit so since it deleted my soul I gotta spread the wealth. There are several parts in this commercial that just do me in, first one is the butt odor and the green stink graphic. The 2nd highlight of the video is when ole girl has her legs crossed and she ever so gently sprays her lady business. I just...when I saw that I was stuck on pause like literally frozen in some kind of awkward awe. Because having a million commercials about feminine odor and itch aren't enough you have to illustrate the point with your funk begone spray and the deliberate spray to the lady zone. Me thinks instead of trying to spray it down with this little spray you might just wanna wash that Kat, no? I promise you if I see you whip this spray out and commence to handle your biz in public I will stare and I promise to twitpic you, you have been warned! I need a hero, to save my soul from this kind of inventive marketing are there any volunteers? Otherwise Get you some, embrace it and breathe it all in. You smell that? That's the smell of your soul cooking mixed with this new invention!