Friday, July 24, 2009


Ladies and gentlemen please be aware of this fraudulent site, this is one of those knockoff bootleg Chinese sites that claim they have real manufactured products when they don't. Unless you want to spend your hard earned money for some bullshit that doesn't even amount to the quality of the real thing then by all means shop on their site but otherwise save your money time and effort.

I bought some fake MAC brushes off their site at least expecting the brushes to be decent quality they were crap and I was immediately disappointed as well as ignored when I tried to contact them to return the bullshit brushes so my bought lesson is a life saver for you. I even asked the online helper on the site if the brushes were indeed real and she blatantly told me yes that they were so please don't be fooled and led astray by this fraudulent site. The fucked up part is I thought they were reliable because there were a gmail sponsored link and not just some random site. So the saying goes a fool and his money shall soon be parted I guess I lived that motto.

I already know it was foolish and wishful thinking on my part to buy a set of MAC brushes when they are in fact not sold in sets It was wishful thinking on my part. Evil bootleggers score 1. I even contacted paypal to try and get my money back but they said they can't do anything about the quality of the merchandise and that I would not be receiving my money back. So much for an early birthday present for myself.