Monday, April 13, 2009


Hey there folks its that time again a post to go at a celeb that chaps my ass raw. No this time it's not beyaki the tacky wig crypt founder it's about the devil himself "puffy, puff pastry, sean combs, muff daddy, puff daddy, mr. take that-take that, mr. tantra sex", I believe you get the picture. This post is dedicated to Fluffy because in my mind it seemed like a good and fun post to do. It's just way to easy this post practically writes itself. Now I often ask myself why in all that is good business sense would anyone in their right mind sign with Snuff daddy in this day and age? Where have these people been? Are they not aware of all the artist that Snuffy has touched and subsequently these artist are then disregarded and then left to up to their own devices. The man is a blatant narcissistic asshole that makes a living off of sucking the marrow out of an artist and then shoving them aside. And for the life of me I can't figure out why women would still even sleep with him let alone add to his list of baby momma's, does caramel come out as his man skeet? IS he putting something in their drinks or is the rest of the world just that damn daft? I know sense is not common but damn you all stay making it way to easy! If you're a bad boy supporter you're going to be mad as hell at this post just put it in the comment section let's the party started shall we.

Kim I have no words for you ever, I think you like being a baby pushing out machine for snuffy, it gives you something to do while watching your toe nails grow.

If you met this dude at the same time as kim and seen him make not one woman his baby momma but two why would you throw your ovaries into the ring as well? Was he the only man that could sperm you? Now your daughter has to sit in the shadows and be ignored because you made a foolish move. I don't care how much love you give her she will still be that "other" child and what about her getting to know her other sisters and brothers? That my dear makes you a foolish ass!!

If this isn't the proof that snuffy is the eater of souls I don't know else I can do to convince you. I see a tragic train wreck ahead if someone doesn't intervene now but oh well. Why would this young girl want to get sucked into the web of puffy does she not see her future does she think that youth is a protective against what is eventually going to be her fate. I see babymommadom in her future get ready to play step-mommy, and I hope you will have some kind of money coming in because when the checks stop flowing and the child support amount stays the same watch out you going to be mad as hell while shopping at pick-N-spense. (sidebar) I hope y'all notice the pattern that snuffie picks his beat and skeets, they all similar long hair, light complexions, and mixed. Someone snatch up LL before she gets sucked in as well, shudders to think if she already sucked in and having a 3some with snuffy and cassie.

I will say this on snuffies behalf I believe he didn't make lil kim crazy she hated herself from jump and when biggie died then I think that just magnified her problems but damn man you can't run an intervention for her or something? Friends don't let friends cut on themselves until they resemble miko barbie smh damn snuffy get the chick some help.

Like whoa where you at black rob?

Damn Carl Thomas where you at as well?

I've got some flava for your ear Craig it's called walmart which one you working at?

At least one of y'all came up by marrying omar epps maybe you can help your home-girls out and let em come clean your house and detail the cars.

Faith they say with age comes wisdom I'm glad you are an example of that I so appreciate you as an artist and a mom, and you know the devil when you seen him kudos girl to bad everyone else is dumb as donkey shit.

I know everyone had you gassed up thinking you were going to take biggies throne and I know you believed in snuffie I hope you see that you were wrong, I hope you don't turn bitter and get out and murk this dude but I would understand if you did. Its a shame you threw your youth away on a man that is walking around scott free and I bet he don't even take your collect calls anymore you should feel cheated and angry. Hope you will make a better decisions as to who's company you keep.

I bet you mad you didn't just join one of the other Winans and become a gospel youth group or something maybe this time you will be able to get your mind right and see that snuffy is the devil. Get back into church and do something positive with your life stop wasting time spinning your wheels where you shouldn't have been in the first place.

I loved you all I remember when you all first came out it was 1996/1997 I was down at one of your promo things and you guys didn't even show up boo-hiss fucktards. I rolled with you guys even when you were on your last leg like the album hot and wet was a hot flaming disc of pure unadulterated shit and I didn't even waste my hard earned money on that but the last album you guys did before you broke up you were giving me back the old 112 and I appreciated that thank you. What I don't appreciate though is how snuffy is blatantly knocking off your sound, moves, and wardrobe choices damn he might as well just make some big ass puppets and do all the dance moves himself.

I see that as long as you all have been in the business not a damn one of y'all had learned a damn thing about business. You just went from one bad situation to the same bad situation have y'all been paid yet? Its nothing sadder than grown ass men still chasing dreams and not quite getting anywhere. Why fellas why did you sign with the devil?

You guys are blatant knock offs and I don't even watch your show. You are a sad waste of time and talent in this day and age why would you sign with snuffy have you not grown up watching how he fucks his artist on a daily bases. Some of his artist are in the basement buried under the staircase and yet you ventured into his lair like idiots. Sadness they make dummies everyday and you fellas are the newest fools on his roster. (sidebar) big mike I cook and I like fluffy's holla at me I will make you dinner real talk.

I have no words for you all either anyone that still signs under snuffy and expects to get paid is stupid. You deserve what you get or don't get welcome to the music industry you sluttards.

I'm sure someone will come across this blog and conclude that I am hating, as what often happens when you refuse to drink the kool-aid and worship at the shrine that is built by the world of entertainment. We all have our own way of seeing things and this is the way I see things if you don't like it you know what to do.

The cherry on top of this poison cake: