Friday, March 12, 2010


Dear World, The Media, Black Men, and all others:

As a black woman I'm tired of the world/media/black men/ constantly disrespecting, stepping on, maligning and disregarding black women! These past couple of days I have tired to tune out the constant cacophony of disheartening and ugly "reports and new statistics" regarding black women (see bottom of post for links) I'm tired of the constant media reports about black women never getting married, about how our median wealth is $5.00, and how we are all dying from either HIV/AIDS or over half of us have herpes. I mean really where are you getting these statistics from? Is it your purpose to paint a picture so bleak for black women that we just lay down and die? Is that the new plan of action media and world that if you paint the picture bleak enough that we will give up on ourselves and circumstances and just quietly fade out of existence until there is no more black women period? Is that what the world finally wants to see the death of black women period? Is that where the world is heading? The death of the black woman, first the assassination of her attributes and character, crushing and killing her soul along with her hope and dreams, and then killing her physically by making sure she has diseases until you have effectively exterminated the backbone the lifeblood of the black race by killing off its very root?

As a black women in my early 30's I don't appreciate the constant messages you are sending regarding my femininity, my worth, my beauty, my everything its like you are one big bird with radar and you are determined to shit on me and every other black women every chance you get. Everything regarding black women who look black in the media is wrong, but let someone that has European features, weaves down her back, light complexion, or be mixed but not have any features remotely related to being African-American then she is an easier pill to swallow treated better than the average black woman who you can readily identify as black, she is seen as exotic and she can do no wrong in the eyes of the world/media/public and she is able to slip through the cracks in society and more readily prosper because she has mass appeal then the average looking black women with the quintessential African-American features.

Every since the black woman has stepped off the slave ship she has been seen as nothing more than a piece of meat, a work mule, an over sexed creature that could be pushed around, raped and forced to bear the children of her master repeatedly, forced to work from sun-up to sun-down, and abused anyway the slave owner and overseer saw fit because he owned her she was property, while black men stood by helplessly watching as his women was used like a toilet by the master while he was powerless to stop it but we persevered because we had too. Now we have widespread abandonment by the very men that mirror our skin color and features they also help in the widespread destruction, tearing down of black women. Black men seem to pride themselves in hurting black women while praising, and lifting up women of other races for their attributes, beauty, sexual nature, and anything else they can think off. While they will have children out of wedlock with a black women they will go and marry a woman of another race and culture leaving yet another single black women household in his wake without regard or forethought.

The very image of the Black women are more often than not disrespected in rap, in movies, in black culture period. Still today every image of a woman especially the black women in a rap video is in something scantily clad, she's oiled up, and she is dancing provocatively and suggestively more often than not she has her ass(ets) on display for the world to see and this is the image of black women that are beamed into millions of homes across America daily. Even with the counterbalance of Oprah, and Michelle Obama, and other prolific and prominent black women whom have never shaken their body in a video, or walked around scantily clothed the ones that make headlines are they ones doing salacious acts, who wear reveling clothing, and just plain do whorish activities they get the media coverage ad nasuam, they are the face that the media portrays over and over again and feeds to the masses for mass and commercial consumption these very women who tear down instead of build up are what the world watches and acknowledges while the women who don't do any of that garbage are ignored and treated like lepers because she hold herself to a higher standard of living. It is ridiculous and it sends a message to the world it says that black women are nothing more than easy, loose, oversexed women who will do anything for attention so feel free to exploit me and treat me as if I am nothing more than a body used for your pleasure.

Why is it that black women are good enough to have children without benefit of wedlock but they aren't good enough to walk down the aisle with? Why is it the legacy of a broken black home is the legacy the generational curse that keeps getting passed down over and over to our children, grandchildren, and their children and beyond? Why is it that black women have stayed at the bottom of the collective totem pole why all other race of women has been regulated to the top? Why are black women treated more like the common cold instead of the precious, strong, and beautiful creature she really is? Why is it black women have to bear the brunt of societies callous nature while every other woman is put on a pedestal and black women are her collective stepping stone? When did my color begin to strip me of my humanity in societies eyes?

I'm just flat out sick and tired of it, if black women are completely wiped out that means there will be no more black men because there will be no black sons, no black daughters. There will be a whole race gone exterminated the way the media/public keeps bashing and treating black women I feel like its a hit out on my very sanity and peace of mind. Everything the media reports about a black woman has just been nothing but bad news. If you aren't part of the solution then that makes you part of the problem. Instead of being quick to run down what's wrong with black women I don't see anyone major trying to fix what's broken. Where are the resources, and the aid for black women since we so bad off? Where are the health programs, and the financial counseling services, hell where are the jobs that pay a living wage at, the benefits the help for single black women and single black mothers, where are the single black women groups that aren't about sex but about positive interaction with black men and women and fostering dialects and solutions to what plagues the black community and the black household? Where is the hope in all this damned darkness the media would have us believe?

As I understand it because I am a black woman I am considered too strong, too this or too that, I can't get credit figuratively for shit, and I damn sure can't get any help. I don't appreciate it I don't subscribe to your image of the black woman and I would like the media/the world/and black men to know you won't ever be able to kill MY soul, you won't ever be able to strip me of my femininity and you will never make me believe the ill conceived lies you feed the masses about black women. If I am the last black woman standing by myself I will not bend and I damn sure won't break because it takes more than bullshit to keep a strong black woman down, and as long as I have breath in my body I will make it my business to push against the lies and propaganda that the media/world would have me and others believing about black women. I am not the pebble in your shoe I am the boulder in your way, and I will not fade quietly into the night without a fight. I am angry and I am justified in my anger and now I promise to redouble my efforts. Get ready for the fight of your life.

Signed the black woman you have successfully pissed on and pissed off for the last time.