Thursday, April 11, 2013


This has been one helluva a week and it's not even Friday yet, first we got LL Cool Jerk and his song accidental racist, then you had ASAP rocky talking about what a dark skinned black woman should or shouldn't wear, Rick Ross is making songs about date rape, Wack Flocka Flames has sworn off black women (which is a great thing if you ask me let a raggedy white woman have his ass), Ray J out here making songs about smashing you know who and putting her on but let's give the man credit if he hadn't of ran up in her and released that tape she would not have had a reality show so.....also in the news we got Jay-Z rapping about being allowed to go to Cuba which is just plain dumb come on dude really? You know american's are not even allowed over there and if you got permission to go you and that thing you married are flaunting it like its nothing smh DEFINITION OF DUMB and last but not least we got Tyrese bringing up the rear with his hate of fat people. Most of these stories have already been reported over on if you want to go check them out.

 Bottom line I hope that people are paying attention to the antics of these so called celebrities if you haven't have your epiphany yet then let me give you one. Just because some of these folks have a margin of talent doesn't mean they have any sense. Most of the people plucked from obscurity have no media training, shit they barely have home training. So when the spotlight hits them they out there giving their opinions on things they should not be sharing in public. If you feel some kind of way about something that's a personal opinion but these idiots out here letting it all hang out t in interviews thinking that no one will see it or that their fans share the same type or feelings, or they are counting on public apathy knowing most likely that most people won't give a fuck. But people need to start giving a fuck because here's what happens when a so called celebrity gets too culturally relevant the mainstream media likes to invite these people unto talk shows and roundtable discussions and ask these people about issues of the day. Make no mistake these people are thus put on the spot and they are talking about things they shouldn't be talking about. A little popularity in this society goes a long way if you make these people relevant they get bigger platforms. For instance no one knew who Sarah Palin was until she got widestream media attention and the more attention she got the more she was interviewed the bigger her opportunities became and the next thing you know she's a household name.

Everyone is always trying to parlay their popularity into bigger ventures and bigger platforms the more exposure, the more money, the more endorsements you get you start looking like you actually might know what you're talking about out in these streets. Should I call out names? Steve Harvey, Tyrese, Russell Simmons, Rev Run, Ray J even co-authored a book about relationships I seen it in an essence magazine but these are a few examples of celebrities trying to give advice when they not even right. Everyone on the planet should be a work in progress but if you not working on yourself and then turning around and giving folks advice you are failing life! Some of these folks are clueless maybe with the exception of Rev Run since he is a member of the clergy but the rest of these idiots have had several divorces and failed relationships and some of them are bitter and have fucked up thinking and really some don't even like nor love black women. It's loads of black men that have gotten a little bit of wealth that quit dealing with black women altogether and will espouse the hatred and abuse of black women while extolling the virtues of women of different races. You can have your preference but don't come for my neck because you got issues with women from your past not every woman is the same and we damn sure didn't all do shit to make you so angry and hateful.

These are ugly times and I just want people to stop following dumbass celebrities these people are lost and most aren't trying to do any better they're judgement is faulty, they don't have a clear view of how people actually live and they are vastly out of touch with the day to day reality of the working class. Their bank accounts and lifestyles have them vastly out of touch with any kind of moral compass, or even personal dignity and its sickening if you are looking to these people for guidance then do me a favor and get yourself spayed or neutered because clearly you are lost and there is no reason for  someone to procreate and keep the bullshit going for generations to come. We have enough fucked up people on the planet without someone who thinks gucci mane is a role model becoming someones daddy which I'm sure there is someone out there right now like that but lets try and keep less of these fools from procreating.