Monday, May 13, 2013


If you're single and over the age of thirty its far to say you have had your share of various encounters with the opposite sex or the same sex depending on which team you go for. I know I'm not alone when I say I hate the false starts or what I call the try and the fail, and the inevitable fake-out.

If you aren't familiar with the try and the fail it's that stage where you're trying to feel someone out you're making polite conversation and then the person will say something that will rub you the wrong way, or they will say something so rude or just inappropriate it leaves such a bad taste in your mouth like a nasty film that coats your tongue and makes you screw your face up or how about when you think everything is cool you guys are vibing so well and you're a couple conversations in, a couple phone calls in, maybe even some skyping and they just disappear without prior warning or even a reason they're gone like a puff of smoke and don't bother looking for them because all of a sudden they can't be found it's like they got kidnapped or abducted by aliens that is what I call the fake-out.

I realize that in these instant gratification times you have people with a severe case of getting to know you A.D.D. if you aren't instantly giving them what they think they need then they are onto the next. No one has the patience nor the time to even get to know anyone anymore. I guess my problem is I will even be polite to you and hold a conversation with you even if I'm not interested in you dating wise, but everyone I realize does not have that same policy. People are so impatient their perspective is all screwed up, and I honestly don't know how anyone is making a connection with anyone else these days let alone getting to the place where they decide that they want to marry each other. I for one am tired of wading through all the different personalities and just trying to get to know people the part that blows my mind though is how no one wants to take the time to even see if you are a decent person, but they sure as hell have time to see what that booty and that mouth do though.

You don't even want to take the time to see if I'm a good person, you don't care if I have a disease, you don't even care to pronounce a person's name right before you setting out that come "chill" invite. What should be preserved for much later is getting sat on the table right upfront and some work backwards from it or they move on to the next hot pocket. It blows my mind how in 2013 sex is so casual and everyday and just like asking for ranch dressing on your salad at a restaurant. I feel like an outdated computer I have definitely outlived my dating era. I am exhausted literally tired of meeting new dudes who just aren't even close to being decent. I'm so over Mr. Ratchet, Mr. Diddy Complex, Mr. Always broke and unambitious, and definitely over Mr. Hitting the sheets. I don't know if I'm foolish, extra resilient, or just naive and hopeful because I keep dipping my toe in that water of  expectation and I keep expecting my Mr. right for me to finally get the revelation that I'm out here single, that I'm super awesome, and would make a wonderful wife. Where ever or whoever he is he's gotta be praying for me right? I just need him to come on and find me already because this other new type jazz y'all got going on is not the missus cup of tea not at all but anyway enough of me beating the dead horse again. I know I'm not the only one who goes through this but I'm over it so over it......