Monday, October 03, 2011


Hey fashionista's I am going to give a quick review of a site I joined that didn't work out for me not at all. So let's get right into it I'm going to call this site a fashion trap right off the bat first and foremost everyone wants convenience but when something seems to be good to be true then it is and I can't stress to anyone enough to read the fine print whenever you join a site so my misfortune is your Godsend. The site Just Fabulous works much like the site that K. Whoredashian has where you can sign up and become a member and for 40.00 dollars a month they will send you an email with some shoes or handbags choices that you pick out of a line up that is chosen for you each month you can either choose out of the selections they send you or choose to see some more options or not buy anything altogether that month but if you don't pick out shoes that month you have to physically hit the don't send me shoes this month button on the site or they will charge your credit card that is on file with them, and each month you forget up to five times they will charge your card 40.00 and then you will just have a credit on file with Just Fabulous. Now if you purchase some shoes that look great on the site and you get them delivered and you try and stick your foot in them and they just don't work out guess what you are charged a $5.95 re-stock fee per item you return so if you buy two pairs of shoes then that's about 11.00 dollars you're not getting back.

Now when you read the return policy here's what it says: * We are required to charge a $5.95 restocking fee for all items returned for a refund. Items exchanged for another or returned for a JustFab credit are not charged a restocking fee.

To me it looks as if its just a one time charge of 5.95 but no its for every item you return two pairs of shoes two re-stocking fees, two shoes and a purse re-stock, re-stock, re-stock I can't argue with a one time re-stock fee for the whole return but per item is ridiculous. Especially since you are going out on a limb with shoes that you can't try on in a store setting since this isn't a bricks and mortar type company. I don't think its fair to charge a customer like this and the representative I talked to to get the return label was like that's why its better to just get a credit or an exchange so those are my only options if I want all of my money put to use then I would have to opt for a credit or exchange. In other words I lose all the way around because the shoes on this site are your standard medium width there is no deviation and no plan as far as I can tell to deviate from that standard.  If you have a foot that never meet a shoe it couldn't fit then by all means join this site its supposed to be Kimora Simmons site so you know how that goes I really wanted to like this site but with this return policy bs and the unsatisfactory shoes this site has left a bad taste in my mouth altogether and this is truly a lesson learned where it hurts the most in my pocket. Red the fine print and try and get a good understanding before you invest in a site that sounds too good to be true but then again like I said if you can fit any and every shoe you slide your foot into then this site my just be what you are looking for if not then I would advise you to not even chance it. Save your money and shop where you can try the shoes on so you know without a shadow of a doubt they will work for you. Also quick note if they don't send your return label within five minutes call back these people will play with your life and your money horrible company I do not recommend.