Wednesday, August 10, 2011


There are some exciting things in the works for this blog. I affectionately call my blog the little blog that could so I'm trying to get my readership up and in doing so I have linked up with a company called PunchTab that will allow me to start doing giveaways to all the lovelies that join the reward program that is specifically for this blog and you can start by clicking the become a member button in the first box that is directly in the left hand corner, comment, become a fan of facebook page, tweet about post, refer others to my blog, and invite others to read my blog. All of those things will earn you points and once the follower who has been the most active has earned enough points their name is chosen at random and they win the prize now the first giveaway I am doing is going to be a $40.00 dollar gift card to none other than Sephora so ladies and gents you have plenty of time to rack up the points since the contest is ending on September 10th.

PunchTab has given me a way to give back to my readers and to gain some new ones in the process God willing and its exciting to reach out to readers and hopefully get some responses so if you've been with me this far and you're still here thank you. Feel free to give me input on some of the content you would like to see more of on this blog, give me topics you would like to see addressed or maybe even some advice you would like answered now is the time to interact and tell me what you would like to see more of I always appreciate the feedback. What are some area's I should address dear readers? What are somethings I should touch on? Leave me Questions, comments, leave me a message here, hit me on facebook, or you can hit me up via twitter either way I'm accessible and will answer all questions, and comments. Good luck to you all and may the most loyal reader win.

Just to be clear this is how the earning of points breaks down:

Your users can earn points on your site in the following ways; a small red ribbon will appear next to supported social sharing buttons and comment boxes automatically.

Visiting your site every day – for their first visit to your site every day your users will earn 100 points
Liking your content on Facebook – for their first Like on your site every day your users will earn 100 points
Tweeting your content – for their first Tweet on your site every day your users will earn 100 points
Google +1 your content – for their first Google +1 on your site every day your users will earn 100 points
Commenting – for their first comment of the day your users will earn 100 points

the maximum number of loyalty points that a user can earn in one day is 500.