Thursday, June 02, 2011


Pulls out my soapbox and cracks my fingers, yep again just if you're new around these blog parts my new pet peeve is women in the media that just aren't media worthy. Every time I see a story about well known and widely discussed oft times overly discussed socialites these days or any other arm candy that has become the talk of the world wide web and the media in general I get puzzled and then I do some deep thinking on the attributes of these women. I think about the things they have done to get the limelight attached to their names, and I think about the way that they represent themselves in the media and the public eye and then I think about why the world is so fascinated with them in general. So today after reading yet another story on the Big K and learning that her fiance has inscribed inside of her ring scriptures....yes scriptures and one of those Scriptures is the passage about a virtuous woman. I had to pause and ask myself wait he used a scripture about being a virtuous women did he not see the Ray. J sex tape, did he not see the constant parade of her and Reggie bush in countless ad's and campaigns whoring themselves in every way possible for media attention, does anyone besides me remember the super bowl debacle when she garnered all that undue media attention and she doesn't even play football, did he not see her spread in playboy, Or did the meaning of virtuous change along with everything else in this world?

Which drove me to write this post and to see if the definition of virtuous had indeed changed and it seems it hasn't:

so the definition hasn't changed so again who is this virtuous women that he speaks of? Sure everyone has a little dirt on them none of us are living in the age of virtue but going as far as calling someone virtuous when she clearly isn't is an insult and a slap to the face of anyone who is trying to live on the right side of morally sound and it negates the efforts of those who are trying to be truly a good woman. If people who follow this chick and her klan religiously see that this dude who is so wide-open off her kakes he is calling her virtuous then what do you think that will drive these women to do? They will be on that Big K plan to land themselves a big fish and that's what worries me. There is no warning, no kind of censorship, no kind of explanation, nothing to tell girls and young women who follow this family that this is not an ordinary lifestyle and these aren't the real representatives of true womanhood. Now I'm sure the big K has some good qualities she even learned to cook ethnic foods for R. Bush but I can't help but think that at the end of the day she is still playing a character.  There have been numerous reports of her wanting to be married again for like the what 4th time and how she is dying to have someone change her last name. So what lenght will she go to just to have that happen, well we see what lenghts she goes too by her putting on her get him to the alter cap and doing her damnedest to be the woman he wants to marry and it has worked.  Someone should tell her that what you do to catch him is what you will have to keep doing to keep him I digress though. I'm sure she will be documenting the entire wedding process and then she and the new hubby will have their own show being the  Humphrey's. I frankly am glad that the chick is getting married and personally I don't know her and I don't want to meet her I just would love for her not to be news worthy because she isn't news.

If the media wouldn't make such a big deal out of these women I wouldn't have such an issue with them but every time they fart or queef they don't need to make the front pages, or the blogs. They aren't that interesting they are really boring and mundane. They shop, they wear a lot of make up, they make appearances, they have reality shows, and they have clothing companies and then what? How are they changing the world for the better? How are they empowering and uplifting society or the world? How are they using their name for good? Then they have two more sisters that are following in their footsteps so there really is no relief in sight. I really feel sorry for the girls who grow up inundated with the women of TV when more children are being babysat by televisions and not parents its hard to contradict the constant bombardment of worthless lifestyles that are paraded out as ideal living. If all you see is the big K and the big B on your screen or the big R what will you aspire to be like, these will be your roll models and not just in America but overseas as well. Millions of little girls are selling their souls or thinking they aren't pretty enough or sexy enough because they don't meet the shadow that these women cast. I don't want my niece to grow up under the influence of these women, I don't want her listening to their songs, watching their shows nor wearing their products. I want my niece to be studious, smart, independent, a thinker someone who will stand up for herself and others and champion the causes she believes in because it feels right within herself to do so. There is no virtue in aspiring to be like a false idol, there is no happiness in the rainbow of these make believe women that lie with their very images on the idiot tube for the world to fawn over.

Again I just wished the media would stop holding up the images of these women to the world like they should be women to emulate when they aren't. Besides there can only be one B, K, OR R just like there is only one Jordon and one Kobe so why would you want to aspire to be like them anyway make your own lane and drive in it, its so much better that way.