Thursday, May 26, 2011


Real Rosie-the-riveter's-1938, real women working

It's a rare thing when I have to write a 2nd post in the same day but what bugs me and what's prompting me to write this post is one of my super pet peeves which is females who get to get by off of bullshit. I'm not talking about smiling and getting an extra donut or getting anything upgraded because the guy giving it to you thinks your sexy or cute no I am talking about the women namely the ones in the media who have the whole world at their beck and call because they look a certain way. I guess I grew up around people who had to work for everything they had and the words those that don't work don't eat are ingrained into the very fiber of my being so it is more than irksome when you have women who society deems as beautiful, sexy, pretty, etc getting fame and fortune from doing nothing but breathing and dating men with fame and money. Just because she is with such and such or just because she looks good when you photograph her, but really these women don't actually do anything. They are glorified arm pieces women of no substance just smoke and mirrors. It wouldn't bother me so much if these women were kept in their little glass cases and trotted out like race horses to stunt with but when you have real women doing real things who don't have the time nor the resources to have a glam squad on call or don't have the benefit of a rapper, professional sports player or millionaire on their team but they are shunned or looked over because they don't have the looks of these females its more than dis-hearting and it makes me real salt lake city.

Real women are out here busting their hump everyday and instead of getting even a little bit of praise or encouragement for it they are ignored and we won't even talk about how that's broke down by skin tone, nor economic disparities I digress but because they aren't running around shopping in five inch stilettos, or shaving their heads completely bald and sleeping with quirky egomaniac driven talented rappers, or making sextapes and then parlaying that into a whole host of wack ass reality television. I get it beauty will make you invade countries, it will set in motion a whole lot of things but beauty does fade eventually and if the interior is not as beautiful as the exterior then men just stay buying into and putting up with bullshit just so they can have an arm and conversation piece like a pretty vase that one would have at the entry way of their abode. I wish I could pretend that the majority of society was enlightened and aware of the bullshit that the media forces down the throats of Americans and calls it news or entertainment I wish real people who did real things and had real talent where news and just as important as these folks who don't really do shit but dress and pose.  I want to know when the infatuation with smoke and mirrors is going to end? I want to know when real women will be able to be regarded just as highly as these barbie doll puppets?

Maybe its just wishful thinking but the current state of affairs on how women are regarded is a load of crap to me and I can't go for it. I blame these men who put these hoes on, you sprinkle them with a little notoriety and the next thing you know she being called an Icon. BITCH what? What movement did you start? What body of work have you done that has your name attached to it that makes you an Icon? What is your definitive defining moment? I would really be on some live and let live in this piece save for the fact that every where I turn these same smoke and mirror bitches are being lauded in the media for their next breath or because they were in Macy's or because they walked down the street with a half eaten bagel if it wasn't so much all the time constantly then I could dismiss it and keep it pushing but I just can't ignore the fact that garbage is constantly being shoveled in my direction and down my throat thanks to the media and its not just television its also the print media. Exceedingly the print media if you have nothing else to write about at the end of the day but these hoes then life needs to be reexamined and maybe you might want to think about jumping out the window. I wish Michelle Obama was written about just as extensively, I wish Aretha Franklin, or Kiki Sheard, Tamia, Lalah hathaway, Lalah Ali, Amel Larrieux, Jazmine Sullivan, Amber Riley, Chrisette Michele (whom I have seen perform at the house of blues btw and let me say she is such a beautiful bright shining example of real beauty and real talent she was worth every cent I spent to go see her and that wasn't much considering I got the dinner and show package) but I digress there are far more talented women out in the world who deserve more shine and attention and I just wished collectively as a society we would focus less on the superficial nonessential whores who don't do shit but suck, swallow, and fuck well but in turn they are rewarded with attention and status.

That doesn't sit right with me and it shouldn't sit right with any woman that knows she is doing the best she can and she can't even get a we appreciate you, or a spa day, let alone some recognition for all that she does and endures throughout her day on a regular basis. So ladies I challenge you to turn a blind eye to these worthless hoes and start putting your own brand of awesomeness on display lets start our own real woman project. Lets get a tumblr going where real woman can submit their bio's, their pictures, their writing samples their poetry, their artwork, their songs, their videos, their any and everything. I'm tired of seeing what I hate and can't stand so lets inundate them like they inundate us except with real women who are doing real things. Even if you don't have a corporate job or run a  fortune five-hundred company even if you are a student, or a stay at home mom, or a single mother raising however many kids you are raising on your own I want you to submit your info to the tumblr I am going to build it so you guys will come. I will be setting it up and then I will be putting the info every where so lets do this ladies. Let's showcase our awesome and tell the world that real women are a thing of beauty and they need to be showcased and applauded more so then these females that don't do anything but breath. I hate this cliche but its too often said that you have to be the change you want to see in the world, so what say you ladies are you ready to be the change in the world?