Thursday, March 18, 2010


After I watched the above video I was of two minds. First I was like okay let me try and see if I can scrounge up some compassion some empathy for this man since he was in the gripes of a powerful addiction. With any addiction comes issues, problems, a testimony,and hella battle scars. I was almost able to empathize with this man until he had the audacity to say that if his wife ever cheated on him then he would leave her. I felt humiliated for his wife, and sad for her at the same time. I can see that she loves her husband deeply and is truly committed to making her marriage work which is evident by her still being married to this man, even though the man gave her STD's twice. He also could have given her HIV or AIDS I don't believe I could love someone that hard to let them just kill me because of something that is within themselves. This man knew he wasn't right he thought marrying his wife would put his libido in check, clearly it didn't. What level of delusion and denial does one have to live in to deal with this type of emotional murder?

Love, Faith, and tenacity helped this woman stay with her husband and while I applaud those things I can't help but wonder where in the marriage vows did it say stay even when he was sleeping with 90 women a month. Why did it take him 20 years to fix his addiction? What part of the addiction made him hardly use protection? Why was his wife's love stronger then the addiction allowing her to stay with him time and time again but it wasn't strong enough for him to want to seek help sooner? Then I wonder does she respect herself? Does she love herself enough? Did she make the right choice in sticking around for 20 years with this man? When she looks in the mirror does she like the woman she is? If her daughters were to go through this same thing would she tell them to stick it out? She was even going to kill herself after he lost his NBA assistant coaching job and the only thing that saved her was her pastor...I know that women put up with a lot when it comes to men and love but again I have to say when is enough, enough?

But Is there anyone who isn't cheating in this day and age? Why even marry, or claim that you are in a relationship with someone just to cheat on them anyway. That is so dumb stop making commitments you can't keep. Cheating, lying, sleeping with other people, being confused as to who the father is to your children, all of that can be avoided if people would just be honest. Tell the truth even if it hurts I personally would rather hurt for a minute then hurt for a lifetime. Stop wounding, and killing people emotionally with betrayal, mistrust, and lies, I know all the celeb-whore-t's in the world would have you believe that being a whore male or female is what's hot and since the majority of the people in the world seem to be sheep who can't think for themselves but prefer to take their cues from celebs society will continue to be a cesspool of debauchery and insanity. Its enough to make you want to become a christian fundamentalist with right wing ideals. I'm almost scared of what the next generation is going to go through. If the ugly mess we call families, values, and relationships carry on this current path I am afraid to even think of what my niece and nephews will have to deal with my niece especially... I am sad for my generation and deeply sad for the next generation behind me something needs to change or society will just continue to erode...