Friday, May 24, 2013


I am still so amped from seeing fast and furious 6, and I won't try and give away anything because I don't want to spoil the movie for those who have yet to see it but this movie gave me so much, and it made me think and really look at what's going on out in these streets. The biggest underlying messages in the movie was loyalty, family, and love. Yes the action scenes were epic, the cars are always wonderful but the biggest message that the movie had to give was without loyalty and love then what are you living for? I haven't given away the movie I managed to avoid doing that but if you don't want to know about anything that goes on in the movie at all then bypass this post and come back and read it after the movie is over.

 If you aren't familiar with the franchise and how its been filmed for the past couple of films then you might want to brush up on what's been going on in the world of the fast and furious but that's neither here nor there but here's a short background story in case you aren't a fast and furious aficionado. There were three main couples and the main guy is Dominic. Dom has a sister and some bad ass homeboys. Dominic is all about loyalty and family his main girl that he has grown up with is Letty she is that chick. Dominic's sister is in love with the ex-cop, and then there are Han and Gisele. Then there is the other characters and they all have this group of course but the backbone of what keeps this little clique together is loyalty, love, and trust. The principles you need as a foundation for any real relationship you hope to have.

What especially struck a chord in me with this movie is Dom was out he had sworn off doing anymore jobs he was out the game he was living life quietly but he found out that Letty was still alive but we knew that from the last fast and furious movie we all know that Dom and Letty are like an institution they had been together since they were 15 she never left his heart even when he thought she was dead the minute that he found out that it could even be a possibility that she was alive he had to go get her. Now that's Love right there no matter that everyone thought she was dead even if it was a remote slim chance that she was still alive he was going to go get her and bring her back because she is family.

Then we have the character that Paul walker plays who is with Dom's sister and he's been in love with her since like the first fast and furious and they have a family together even a child. You see the theme is love and family, loyalty and trust over everything else.

Then there is Han and Gisele. Gisele is THAT CHICK she goes hard she doesn't play and she is the very definition of love, loyalty and trust.
First and foremost Dominic Jumped out of his car to save Letty like he caught her in mid-air when she gets flipped off a tank, Gisele literally sacrifices her own life to save Han's life. That is the definition of love the very real working breathing definition of love. Love is selfless, it's giving, its sharing, it's kind, it doesn't want for itself it wants for others. Love is a big huge concept that many can't even wrap their minds around they may have read the words but that certainly don't make them put them into action and they damn sure aren't willing to go that extra mile for anybody. I don't know many selfless people. I know plenty of selfish people but I have yet to meet a selfless individual. Most people are quick to always talk about reciprocity and then you have some that won't even do that they just take and take and use you up until there is nothing left for them to take and then they move on.

People don't know what loyalty is anymore every one's scared they are going to get used or someone is going to get more then they should get. Like there are literally no people on this planet not even most families that are about loyalty it's a hard concept to grasp. You can't even meet a person in this day and age that is about the fundamentals of love, loyalty, or trust. It's a me, me, me society and its ugly. I can only dare dream about being able to put my trust in someone fully, I can only dare dream about loving someone or someone loving me so selflessly that they would go through hell and back to make sure that I was all right and vice- versa. You can't even get to the heart of a person these days its just not many who are about that life.

It's a dudes out here not even fucking walking on the right side of the street when they walking with you, they don't see if you okay when you sick, they don't even pick up the phone and ask you if you need anything. There is no courtesy, there is no politeness there is just nothing, but empty conversation all leading up to "so when we chilling?" You can't even pretend to think you could build loyalty with a dude that don't even regard you as a human being let alone a friend. You can't build something with someone who don't even have the capacity or the space in his heart to even empathize with you as a person. Like these new type dudes who the fuck taught you how to not even have basic regards for the female sex? Like you not polite, you not decent acting, you just a remorseless bag of walking semen that's just trying to stick your dick in something wet and move the fuck on. These new type dudes y'all fucking suck, and I simply want y'all to know you ain't shit. I'm no ones cum receptacle and I refuse to be one. I get more than sick and tired of sorry ass dudes. I just wished I knew where the  men who knew something about respect, love, honor, loyalty, decency and just had some common regard or empathy for women period where I would move there immediately because this shit is weak and its tired and its disheartening. 

I'm tired of wanting to be in love but there is no one trying to do the same the word relationship in of itself has become taboo. You say relationship and dudes immediately start spazzing or looking out the window or talking about oh you'll find it one day as if to say don't look at me girl because I don't have nothing for you but hard dick and bubblegum and I'm fresh out of bubblegum. I'm more than weary and I get tired of thinking about it and I know y'all tired of reading about it. For once I wish I could come to this blog and be like I found him or he found me or we found each other and now I'm blissfully happy and everything is good in this world. As it stands right now I can't even ask a dude for a peanut butter sandwich, and I feel so exasperated when dudes ask why am I single? It's like how much time you got so I can run down the list. Anyways if you read this and you haven't seen Fast and furious 6 GO SEE IT! You will not regret it and it will make you really examine your definition of love, loyalty, family.