Monday, August 27, 2012


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Just got finished watching one of those one on one interviews that Oprah does now on her OWN channel and I was watching interview Carrie Underwood and her Husband the hockey player and I came away with a few things from that interview.
  1. The have a common shared love for God that's a spiritual bond they even pray together do you pray with your spouse? Has your spouse ever prayed for you and your well being and have you ever prayed for your spouses well being?
  2. They're Friends! They genuinely like each other they enjoy each others presence and each others company. Do you enjoy being around your significant other or does being around them make you tired like your pretending to be someone else?
  3. When they both got together they were both established in their careers so money issues don't come into play. Do you argue with your spouse about money? Is one a spendthrift and the other a saver? Does your bank account match your ambitions as a couple?
  4. Trust. Carrie Trust her husband even when they were dating she said she wasn't worried about him going out and doing whatever because she knew that she could trust him and she doesn't have an issue with him going out now. Oprah asked Carrie's husband why is that and the first thing that man said is it's my belief in God I'm not going to go out there and do anything that is going to be wrong. How awesome is that? Do you trust your significant other without a shadow of a doubt? Or are you the type to check his speedometer, his cell phone, his voicemail, his emails? If you gotta stay vigilant and stake him out OR her out are they really the right one for you?
  5. He was himself from the beginning what Carrie saw is what she got he never tired to impress her, or make himself out to be bigger than he was. Are you lying about who you are trying to impress the one that you want?
  6. They read together they share books, they discuss the books, they enjoy talking to each other about they things they have agreed to read TOGETHER, IN FACT before Carrie Underwood married her now husband she gave him a book the purpose driven life and he read it and he appreciated that she had gave him the book and it caused him to ask himself what was his true purpose, was he on the path he should be on, was he living up to his full potential. Carrie gave him food for thought it was different, it was thoughtful. Have you ever given your significant other something to read? Are they interested in reading at least one book you hold dear to your heart and are they willing to discuss said book with you?
  7. Last but not least this fine young married Christ centered couple have 400 acres of land that they are about to build their dream house you and your spouse have a common goal that you are working towards as a couple?
I am no way saying that anyone should emulate what Carrie Underwood and her husband have but I'm saying you do have to have a foundation a solid one built on more than just flesh and lust to get you through the long haul. A fat ass and amazing head will only get a relationship so far.

I sometimes wonder to myself why does love between a black woman and a black man always seem so heavy? Am I the only one that ask that type of question? It seems like when a white couple get togther their love is a bed of roses compared to a black couples who's relationship seems to always be marred in manure. There is always some shit going on, like he cheating, he not paying his child support, he not there for his kids, she a screaming neck rolling glass throwing emasculating angry evil mess, she bitter, she don't trust him, or it goes to the other spectrum she is too passive and letting the man wipe his feet all over her, she doesn't have any esteem about herself and she is just like his lapdog and he just messes all over her with no regards to her feelings because he knows she won't ever leave him and he doesn't respect her because of this, eventually there is no love left, the couple don't even like each other anymore they just tolerating each other because they been together so long. 

Do black couples get together for all of the wrong reasons? Do they not have the right foundation? What is the heaviness that pulls at the seams of a black couples relationship? Why does it seem so much easier for a white couple to be and stay together than a black couple? What is it that black couples are missing that makes it so difficult to love and stay in love, why can't a black couple uplift, like, cherish, trust, build, and stay together for the long haul? 

Even in movies love for a non black couple is painted like stars, and dew, and fresh clean linen hung out to dry in the sun, but a black couples love is hung like fresh chitterlings spoiling in the sun. Why does it have to be that way? Making love last is already a job but when you have all the odds against you its a losing game....anyway these were just some of my thoughts that I thought I would share if anyone has any insight they want to leave feel free to leave it in the comment section below.