Friday, August 10, 2012

The78MsJ's Mini birthday haul

After feeling some kind of way on my birthday about the state of my fiances and just how life is never fair in general the shopping gawds decided to smile on me and I decided that I could find the money to get myself some things not a lot of things but enough not to feel deprived on my day of birth. Since no one will be able to appreciate you like you would appreciate yourself I feel its important to celebrate yourself especially if you aren't the type that has a party every birthday and as you get older its easy to get bitter about marking passages of time but I struggle to grasp any ray of light whenever I can. Anyhow let's get to the fashion finds.

The78MsJ's Mini birthday haul




Wedding clutch


First and foremost everything that I got for my birthday was a great deal the jeans and shirt where both 20% off plus I had a birthday coupon for torrid can you say excellent savings. I also had a birthday coupon for DSW .com where I purchased the shoes and clutch which I haven't received yet and if the shoes fit and I love them you will hear about it. 

Another thing about the jeans from Torrid, Torrid has been putting the fit smack down when it comes to their jeans their jeans are the truth no matter your shape there will be a jean to flatter you at Torrid they were running a promotion where if you came in the store and tried on their jeans they would give you like 5 dollars I don't know if they're still doing it but you have nothing to lose and I am in LOVE with the new stiletto black skinny jeans they aren't tight on me so if you want them to fit like a 2nd skin you might want to think about going a size down instead of your normal size but I suggest getting to your nearest Torrid and trying them on for yourself and they are butter soft and so so so comfortable you can not go wrong with the new Stiletto collection I am loving them.  

So these were my birthday treats for myself I got really great deals on everything and overall I can say I'm happy with what I got. Torrid keeps having these fabulous sales when a sista doesn't have the money she used to, to just pick up all the yummy fashion treats like before so if anyone feels like they might wanna put something in the paypal account since it's my birthday month please feel free to do so I encourage it wholeheartedly because when you give to the fashionable but struggling the fashion gawds will bless you with beautiful children its true so you should give. 

Last but not least you should add pumpsicle fashion on pintrest if you want to be in the fashion loop I'm over there giving you fashion goodness.