Friday, July 27, 2012


The guys @Dormtainment keep filling my life with laughter but this video right here the Stevie J song lifts my spirits every time I play it enjoy.

I know I have talked major trash about trash reality shows but LHHA is like watching an 80's porn with the cheesy soundtrack, the big hair, and the grainy footage you know its horrible and cheesy but it still has a thrill factor because of the nakedness so you ignore all the bad shit about it and still watch it to get off and once you've cum you turn it off in disgust and don't mention it in mixed company and block it out of your mind until the next time you need to jill or jack. It's kind of the same thing with LHHA its wrong on so many levels but lets face it most of us our tuning in for stroke face aka Stebbie j, his little Puerto Rican boyfriend, and the ever misguided and possibly remedial Mimi their "love" triangle is as delicious as ass pie is, ask Benzino.

The other cast members aren't as entertaining but they give their fair share of lessons as well so if you have been way to entertained to come away with some life lessons from LHHA let me share with you some of the ones I have seen from this show so far.

  • Lets start with Mimi first and foremost I don't care what kind of love you got for a dude 15 years as a yo-yo broad and you are already well versed in his character you have been with him through all his other baby momma's and other girlfriends and you claim you wasn't with him when he was with these other ladies but yet when he doesn't have no one you come right back around EVERY TIME girl stop. You need to love yourself more and stop being his willing doormat, you turn a blind eye to his short comings AND you let him raw dog and knock you up and still slide between your sheets even though he doing dirt in the streets. You are being a willing participant in your own ass kicking stop it and get some therapy and learn to love yourself more. This is clearly a lesson in learning to love yourself and validate yourself and stop being a willing participant in your own demise you can only be a victim so long before you turn into a willing participant.
  • The little Puerto Rican boy was once drinking the same Stebbie J kool-aid but lately she has begun to see that Stebbie is a manipulator and her eyes are being opened to his bullshit. The lesson that Jose teaches us though is you can't just let someone else control your destiny and feed you bullshit. Stebbie is feeding her bullshit he know damn well she sounds a hot mess on that song they released and ain't nobody checking for that sad little Puerto Rican boy she needs to find another avenue for her talents like iont know a salsa workout tape or maybe how to get your hair to look like a hat I don't know but the singing that's not going to make it and if you haven't heard her song I'll leave the video down below so you can assault your ears with it anytime you have to auto tune reggaton then it might not be a good look for you.

  • Erica Scrappy's baby momma, listen anytime you leave someone and they turning blue from breathing constrictions that's when you know deep down you don't give a fuck about their well being and it might not be working out and it might be time to just call it quits. Besides like Erica said she the only one going to work everyday taking care of they daughter Scrappy ain't doing that and he was faking like he was trying to get back with her just to get off child support. Her lesson never get back with your shady baby daddy because ultimately he is just trying to get you to take him off child support while making you look like a fool on air when he really fucking flavor flav's leftovers.
  • Rasheeda ultimately the only thing I can say about her lesson is that mixing business with personal is never a good look and you will lose something at the end of the day if you try and mix the two. Love and money should never mix its a bad combination like taco bell and prunes.
  • K. Michelle I love K. Michelle actually but I think she has been hurt and that has added to the powder keg that is now she. I think she could benefit from some therapy and some TLC from a good dude but I don't think she will find one of those in ATL though so she might want to try another southern state. Her cautionary lesson is that the ones you want to trust you can't always and hurt will fester if you don't check it and get it under control. Also once you are labeled crazy in the industry you become a bad risk and even though she is talented she lost her shit and now she is a cautionary tale that the industry is passing around from label to label which will keep her from achieving what she wants ultimately and that's sad because she really is talented. Check out one of her videos I love this song and I hope she will be able to do something but....if not maybe she can be a consultant or song writer or producer or something.

  • Mama Dee I know she love her damn babies and you bet not come for em but she messy as all hell and she needs to cut the chord already and stop trying to get folks to fight. It's just not a good look for anyone's moms to be so messy. Her lesson to impart cut the chord folks and stop meddling in your grown children's affairs let them sort their own messes out they made em they can fix them and if you are going to twerk on a stripper pole please don't do it to one of your child's songs.

  • Last and least is Karlie Red girl listen ha you already losing signed to cash money records hahaha so basically you over their sucking dicks and holding man purses. I need for her to stop it and sit it all the way down and maybe she can marry Benzino and live happily after. The lesson she is sharing don't be a 40+ chick in the industry still trying to get put on its just not a good look after awhile you have to realize that maybe some dreams aren't going to materialize and that's the Lord's way of saying this wasn't a goal I had in mind for you and K. Michelle was right this broad has no receipts not a damn one not even a leaked single on the web, not even a mixtape keep it stepping lady but step it all the way to the left you're fraudulent and just an industry wanna be and people know you're just a glorified groupie they will keep promising you things just to get their dick sucked and so they can hit its just not a good look.