Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Kanye and Jay-z as amos and andy
Picture found on the blog  http://diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com/category/hiphop/jay-z/
So another white woman has shown her true colors and the world does a collective gasp, no correction the nu negro hipsters are up in arms about Paltrow calling a spade a spade. I'm not even mad at Paltrow because her "friends" have given her a hood pass she just choose to use it tonight and watch her come out with some half assed apology saying she was swept up in the moment and she didn't mean it lady save that back peddling for someone who gives a damn even worst I strongly suspect her BFF's will come to her rescue assuring the world that her character is not like that, that she didn't mean it like that and by coming out with their statement black people shouldn't be mad because after all if Beyonce and Jay-z say it then it's gotta be law right! Before I could even push the publish button The Dream aka Tarius Nash has reportedly come out on twitter saying he was the one that sent the tweet from Paltrow's phone quite naturally I guess I should feel some kind of way thinking that Paltrow would ever fix her mouth to say the N word after all her two BFF's in the whole world are Beyonce and Jay-z. I love the fuckery that is the entertainment world nothing these people do should be believed, worshiped, or taken as law. They are high paid puppets and its ridiculous how many of your children want to be just like them when they grow up talk about a sickness.

Here's the bigger issue the image and the lyrics of a rapper especially ones like Kanye West and Jay-z don't just stay in the states their images go across the world internationally and most folks probably aren't aware of this but these very people have become the world wide representation of what people all over the world think of black culture. That's right kids meet your new cultural  ambassadors so guess what you are in china yep a nigga, guess what you are in India right again a nigga all thanks to the lyrical styling's of West and Z because if they self identify as that then that must mean that's how you should address them and all other like them right. You think in Istanbul they know about the history of the word Nigger? You think they gonna take a cultural studies course in african-american history? Nope they just gonna greet you with the popular refrain "what up my nigga" because the two biggest niggas made it popularized and then sent it around the world. Their music doesn't just stay on USA soil it goes far beyond it and if all foreigners see of black culture from America is hood niggas with money, women, liquor, violence, and bullshit guess what they now think of most black folks in America. Think about it how many average working class black folks get to go on vacations to foreign soil and get to see how other folks live and vice versa, unless you are in the US military? If the only images you ever see are Snoop dog, and Jay-z, Rick Ross, Drake, Lil Wanye, etc what would you think all black american's live like how would you think black people talked, dressed, and governed themselves?

I know people want to say in the grand scheme of things that its not true, that all foreigners don't think like that maybe not but there are many that do who tell's them or shows them otherwise? Images and sounds are powerful most Chinese people or Japanese People or any other culture who live in their native lands who have the power of the internet, the radio, and television with cable won't get to see the average black person so they take their cues from rappers and entertainers. If the only sounds and images being seen on a grander scale are like West, Z, and Beyonce you can forget about any kind of intelligence factor or anything else getting through all other nations will think that most blacks are like entertainers they have no concept of what the states is really like all they know is the glitz and glamour that they see and hear in the music.

So In Platrows mind she was perfectly in the right because she regularly hangs out with Z and Knowles when they are in London and in fact Jay-z is the Godfather to her son so its nothing for her to greet them at the door by calling them her niggas and they probably grin kee-kee and give her a hug.  When you have people who are oblivious to everyday living and what its like to be a working class citizen certain things go out the window. Languages change, things that might bother you when you don't have money don't seem to bother you when your bank account goes up maybe in West and Z's mind that's the price you pay for hobnobbing with the nuevo riche they accept you at arms length but instead of calling you a nigger behind your back they just do it in front of you and you just grin and bear it because that's the price you're willing to pay to be in their company. I used to admire Jay-z thought he was a smart man but I've lost a lot of respect for him in general and I no longer stan for him like I used to. I used to like Kanye but now I don't feel any kind of way about him I'm over certain entertainers especially the ones that offer noting but empty entertainment value. They don't bring anything to the world but noise and nonsense they help the masses forget what's really going on because the world is so focused on their antics I'm over it I for one am no longer drinking that kool-aid.  Beyonce is not helping the world or the plight of black women by shimming and shaking in front of her wind machine, she doesn't help anyone but herself and likewise with her husband and his whole camp she really is like a disease she has even infected the first lady now if that isn't a powerful ass infection then what is? All these advances and we still have these tired assed individuals as the face of black america 100 steps forward more than a 1000 back.

I don't expect anyone to agree with me this is my own opinion you can keep all that cheerleading for those individuals on someone else's blog because it won't get any love here.