Tuesday, December 06, 2011


cartoon courtesy of Sean T W Cartoon

Let me preface this post by saying I know that there is a lot going on in the world right now and shoes is the least of every ones concerns but I have been wanting to send a email to these particular shoe companies for a minute and while I was thinking about it I did. So don't go thinking that I'm just all about fashion in these troubled times I'm multifaceted just like every other unique person on the planet so don't pigeon hole me. With that being said here's the email I just sent to Christian Louboutin, Jeffrey Campbell, Steve Madden, and Pleaser some shoe makers that I really admire. We shall see their responses and I will most likely post them here good, bad or indifferent.

Addressed To The CEO,Vice President, Head of Marketing, and other department heads;

Allow me to start off by saying that I have admired your shoe's for years now. I love the fresh, funky, and trendsetting designs and concepts. I love that your shoes are not just accessories but conversation pieces, even dare I say it, foot art. However I feel ignored by your company and it literally vexes me to no end to know that in the world of shoes I am a non factor which prompted me to take the time out to write this important impromptu email. The average savvy consumer wants to feel as if they have a voice, and a choice in their fashion they want to feel as if the shoe designers they covet and love, not only value them as a customer and see them more then as just a source of monetary gain but see them as a part of a family per say. A woman who spends her hard earned dollars on a shoe is investing in herself and her style. She is not only wearing a shoe but expressing herself with the shoe choices she makes its not just a heel or a flat she is wearing but her shoe choice is indicative of her very mood and how she feels about herself a shoe is not just a shoe but a flag that waves when one walks. A shoe can scream volumes about the woman that has it on, said shoe can express a whimper or it could express a mighty roar depending on the fierceness of the shoe and the shoes owner. Shoes are more than what covers our feet but the very sole of an outfit (pun intended).

I have a true wide width foot a standard that many don't want to make shoes to fit. Now I realize that possibly you only want to cater to a certain demographic but how limited and narrow minded is that. As a shoe designer who thinks outside of the box why can't you make some of your shoes or a line of shoes for true wide width fashionable customers such as myself? Why is that such a hard concept to enact? I am so sure I am not the only woman in the world with a wide width foot who has scoured malls, boutiques, shoe stores and even online stores for a great shoe that fits my foot and my sense of style. Why do I have to sacrifice my sense of style because I don't fit in with the average “normal” range of foot widths? I think it is asinine and egregious to discount a whole demographic of women or even men who want shoes that are sassy, funky, fun and sexy. I feel cheated when I see your shoes come out and I love the designs but can't purchase them.

I know that I am one person I know that I am but one voice and this is most likely in vain because I'm sure I am but a ripple on the wave of your continued success as a shoe maker, but hopefully someone will recognize my voice and the potential unique opportunity you have as shoe makers who could be on the leading front edge of making shoes that a wide width consumer would die for. I am especially saddened as another holiday season comes to pass and instead of putting on my shoe art I have to settle for something less than dazzling and less spectacular then what I would initially purchase if it was from one of your shoe lines. I have lamented the lack of shoe choices for years and have even brought the fact up occasionally on my blog. Some day I hope that someone will have the forethought to fill in the void that is felt acutely in the wide width shoe community and capitalize on a group that has been ignored and marginalized for far too long. Just with clothing options there should be various options for shoes as well. This is not a one size fits all world and women who can afford it and desire it should have beautiful, sexy, sassy, funky, dazzling shoes in their sizes and widths readily available for them to purchase but I know that this email is really in vain and this request will fall on deaf ears and closed minds because realistically if you cared as a shoe maker you would have already made provisions for a wide width line and I wouldn't have to be writing this email as it stands but in Closing thank you in advance for your time and the opportunity to express my opinion.

Sincerely a sad shoe maven,