Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Always Audrey Hepburn

Always Audrey Hepburn

Boyfriend cardigan
$49 -

V neck t shirt
$20 -

High rise skinny jeans
$59 -

Low rise jeans
$55 -

Toya Black Lace-Up Combat Boot (Wide Width) | Boots
$69 -

Quick note ladies if you are looking for some jeans that will give you life, strength, and body then its an absolute must to get yourself a pair of virtual stretch zipped jeans. These jeans are my new favorite thing they are so soft and they hug your body but they are made of thicker material then jeggings so its a win win in my book. This is the first time I have absolutely loved my jeans enough to want to sleep in them now that's some comfortable jeans straight up! So do yourself a favor this holiday season and while torrid is running all these sales for the holiday's stock up on all the virtual stretch jeans you can get your hands on you won't be sorry trust me! Here's to a happy and fashionable holiday season, stay blessed.