Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Recently a person sent me a note anonymously of course and the note went like this:
"I hate when a fat bitch got more standards then a bad bitch" 
Now that made me chuckle some stranger who came across my profile on a android social app site was so deep off in his feelings about what my profile said that he had to take the time to dash me off a quick note. I kind of feel real proud about that. The fact that even though this person was ignorant as hell he recognized that I do indeed have standards and from the sound of it he was outside of those very standards now he's all mad. I kind of feel like I won a prize fight if that is not a good result then I don't know what is. I don't care that he called me fat and I'm not even upset by the bitch but the simple fact that he saw that he wasn't even going to cut it made him so mad that he had to lash out now if we could get other nonmothafucking factors to get the same point and realize that they not inline with my standards then half the battle would be won. That's what I call real progress I appreciate the fact when someone knows that they're just not going to cut it and they don't even attempt. I appreciate the fact that you knew not to waste my time and his, and I appreciate the fact that I didn't have to go through that small talk phase to figure out what your deal breaker was going to be with me. Even though this man was all caught up in his feelings he still spared me from wasting time and I want to thank him for that.

Now when he said his little blurb about bad bitches I had to go look the definition of a bad bitch up. Of course the only place something so ignorant as the term bad bitch would be defined is of course in the urban dictionary where all ratchet and ignorant things are defined and what I found was 11 definitions for what a bad bitch is of those 11 definitions 4 were put there by females.  Labels and names are what people use to define themselves and its how others compartmentalize us if you want to wear a label then so be it but bad bitch is a label I wouldn't slap on myself even if I wanted to trivialize and belittle my existence with labeling myself. Besides I think others put quite enough labels on me without me adding to the list as is.  The label is shallow first and foremost and its another way of giving the title to a female who is doing what she is supposed too in all areas and even taking care of a man that most likely isn't taking care of her. Bad bitch might as well be synonymous with super woman, as a bad bitch you got to look fly, have good credit, have your money right, she might smoke weed and drink, she got a job and a side hustle, she has traveled and has a degree, have a good job, have street smarts, book smarts, she cooks, she cleans, her shoe game is tight, she got the fly ride, the fly crib, nails did, feet did, hair did, always got at least three designers on, she buy her perfume by the ounce, she can speak a couple of languages, and of course she is a lady in the streets but she puts it down in the bedroom like a porn star and lets not forget she caters to her man like he is a king even if his raggedy ass is a peasant and treats her like a bottom basement whore but since she is a bad bitch she is still going to hold him down because that's her role. Basically she a model type chick that always look like she drove off a video shoot and her life is a never ending blockbuster movie.

Now I want to point out some things that I see is quite flawed thinking with this whole bad bitch theory first Oprah has all of the aforementioned things, and so does Michelle Obama and I guarantee you neither one of these ladies call themselves bad bitches and they know their worth so they have standards and I am so sure they don't entertain clowns, men, nor other women who aren't on their levels. They carry themselves with poise, grace and dignity and again these women are well read, well educated, multifaceted brilliant women and they couldn't have gotten to where they are calling themselves bad bitches. They don't entertain superfluous trivial matters they focus on the bigger picture and they get the job done. No they don't look like  video chicks, no they not in the hottest night spots night after night, no they not out popping bottles and popping their behinds. They are doing something bigger and better they are both impacting lives and forging changes and they are the backbone to many people. Michelle Obama more so because she is the wife of the POTUS and she is raising two well rounded young women who will go on to do incredible things as well.  2nd point I want to make even if a female has weight on her she can still be all the aforementioned things I said about bad bitches weight is not a factor in being a bad bitch. You can be all types of fly no matter your dress size some bigger women make men stop in their tracks and drool if you got it you just got it going on everyone has a preference and what one label's sexy another might label as non-sexy its all about a person's perception.

Bottom line though at the end of the day I don't want to be a bad bitch yeah if you're young it might sound fly, it might even be fun but a bad bitch's time is limited. The way I see it you can only keep that lifestyle up for so long one false move and you could lose everything or most of what you have and then what? If your persona gets blown and all of your trappings get taken away then what is a bad bitch left with? Now she gotta go out and hustle or sell ass or try and be with a dude that can give her a lifestyle its way to much riding on the back of a bad bitch. I would rather think long term and mold myself after Michelle Obama or even Oprah real women who don't have to posture and label themselves as something so superfluous as a bad bitch. Keep your video vixen ambitions give me grace, poise, beauty, intelligence, and uncompromising standards on how I'm going to live my life and make the climb to greater things and its perfectly fine if a guy wants to pass me over for those so called bad bitches because obviously he is thinking short term and I don't need mental midgets on my team who waste my time if you not thinking right you will get left its as simple as that.