Thursday, July 28, 2011


Let me preface this post by saying that I had written a letter to T.U.K asking them if they were ever going to get wide width shoes, because I loved their original Mary Jane Pin-up Platforms well I got a very disappointing letter back from one of their customer service agents stating that T.U.K had no intentions of offering wide width options for their shoes now nor anytime in the future needless to say I was super disappointed.  That was last year some time, well I always window shop on Torrid because I buy basically all of my clothes from them and have ever since I discovered the Torrid Launch store in Brea. They fell right in line with my fashion sense and their clothing has a youthful edge that other plus sized clothing shops don't. Well recently torrid had started carrying some of the T.U.K. shoes on their website well all had been in regular width thus far and then one mystical predawn hour I believe it was early Tuesday I discovered these:

on torrid's website under the new section that's right none other then Pin up Mary Jane Platform's from T.U.K. well right then and there I fell madly in love and had to have these shoes. I attempted to order them in that early morning but I was thwarted by the website malfunctioning and like a women that has been betrayed by her lover I went to sleep full of anxiety and anticipation and disappointment I had to have these shoes and they couldn't get here fast enough. Needless to say the next morning as quick as I could I ordered these shoes and waited with baited breath to see if these shoes would hurt me to my soul or slide on my feet and give me everlasting joy and fab style.

So the doorbell rung today and the package was brought in gingerly and delicately sat down and opened with anticipation and trepidation at the same time because sometimes the shoes might say wide width but they don't fit, or they fit but painfully so. Well I slide into these wonderful Mary Jane's and my feet sprouted wings and I heard the shoe angels singing praises of adulation. The shoes fit and were comfortable and even though they are a 4 inch heel with the 1 inch platform in the front they feel like a 3 inch heel. So if you want some kick ass Mary jane's that are a step away from the boring plain Mary jane's and you love rock-a-betty style, retro, or just love Mary Jane's like I do these shoes will do you right and they won't hurt your feet and if you like I have a true wide width foot these have no fear add these to your shoe collection without hesitation because they are most definitely BPYT approved! Cheers to Torrid and T.U.K. for finally getting it right this time and I hope there will be more shoes like these Mary Jane's from the two companies working together in the future. This time Torrid got it right and just in time for my birthday such awesomeness!