Thursday, February 06, 2014


I have to learn for myself that I am not mankind's savior. I don't have a degree in saving people, nor coming to the rescue of people who want to whine and cry on my shoulder I have some of the worst tendencies or habits of always rushing in and inserting myself where I don't belong I have to remember that I wasn't invited to the conversation, I can't rush in and save people when I see them getting bullied, because then the situation gets turned around on me and I become the target, and everyone doesn't share my perspective on things some people block out shit while I remember every gritty detail. I wish I did have that memory block thing where I only remember the good but I only remember all the fucked up shit and I keep it locked in my mind where it stays fresh as if it were sealed in a Ziploc bag for safe keeping.

I can't stand when women get nostalgic for abusing assholes....but again not my fight. I'm always the friend that guys hate because just when an asshole is about to snake his way back in here I come with the "girl don't you remember when he had that baby with Keisha on your anniversary and gave you the clap as well?" Women don't wanna hear about that they just wanna go back to their asshole ex's or fraudulent dudes and hope for the best. An ex-friend of mine once told me that I can't get tired for her but as a friend I just have to ride it out with her until she get's tired. Here's the thing I hate feeling like I'm wasting my breath and my time and energy. If you don't want to leave the dude alone then so be it but don't keep crying on my shoulder telling me all the bad shit y'all going through when you just going to run right back to his trifling ass any damn way. That's why it's important to keep your BUSINESS at home and not share it with others because now you have given me all these reasons why I shouldn't like dude and it's causing me to treat him and see him in a different light but you can't understand why I would do that. How about you stop running your mouth about the situation then no one would treat him shitty stop giving us all this ammunition when you just gonna stay any damn way.

That goes for anyone in a bad situation if you don't want people to know what you're going through because you are not ready to leave then I suggest you get a journal or hire a professional that will listen to you without taking any kind of action because as someone's friend I'm not going to want to watch you go through something horrible and just stand by and be silent about you getting treated any old kind of way. Some people don't love themselves enough to know when it's time to exit a situation. Or you think that if I love this person harder or more or just sacrifice myself on the alter of this relationship then you will be rewarded some great prize or it will all pay off in the end. Listen people don't change because you want them too they change because they themselves want to change. If you want someone to change for you and they do that change is not going to stick because that person is not doing it for themselves they are doing it to appease and please someone else and that is never a good enough reason to change for anyone.

This is why I write here I know I am not even a ripple on the blog of life but I have to put my opinions some where. I'm not even asking for you to read it, but if I get it out here then hopefully I can keep in mind that I need to mind my own business and stay out of others because at the end of the day you don't want my opinion you just want me to agree with you and nod my head and let you cry on my shoulder. I am no one's shrink I don't have time nor the energy to give you advice that you're not going to take, to listen to you complain about the same shit over and over again. I'm tired of being everyone's go to when they want someone to listen. Human's are flawed creatures that go against all of their instincts and stay making the wrong choices and then whine and cry when their choices come back to bite them in the ass. I've done it that's how I know we all do it. I'm just not here for it anymore If you're going to make a fucked up choice then so be it, choices have consequences, every action has a reaction, and if you like it and you want that reaction in your life then have at it, but I'm not going to sit and listen to anymore whining and complaining about someone's situation. All I'm going to ask you is what action did you put forth that put you in that situation and as you reflect on that I'm going to hang up my phone and go about my business because I am no longer in the business of wasting my time and efforts on those that are doomed to repeat the same bullshit over and over again so officially I am handing in my crying on my shoulder resignation the doctor is no longer in and the party has ended get you some counseling or a journal cause I'm on longer here for it.