Thursday, November 20, 2008


It's been nothing but music videos being put out left and right, a true mark of the holiday season when artist start pushing they music and stepping up the promotion game. Gotta try and get that holiday money...anyway first video up is Keri Hilson's her album is pushed back yet again with no definite release date, the economy is hard on everyone's pockets! Anyway I love this song but lil wayne and his vulgar verses goodness "I hope yo vagina tight" lately more and more rappers been rapping on the lack of tight vagina's how about if you stop dicking all these different type chicks and just get one woman you won't have to worry about it. I digress back to my main point which is Keri Hilson's third single off her still to be released CD it reminds me a whole lot of the destiny children video solider I mean there is more dancing and no dogs but pretty much the same concept overall. Keri always has a hot look though and I hope she is rocking wigs like Mary J. all that bleaching and cutting and thangs can really take a toll on a sistas hair!

Next video up is Slim's oh Slim how I loved you in 112 and I still love you. This video is boring and I understand that Slim is going the independent route so I will cut him some slack this is the 2nd single off his album I gave his album a listen on his myspace page its a grown and sexy type album I liked it but I am a 112 fan. I like the song though. If I had the moolah I would get his album.

Someone call Beyaki and tell her to come get her sister...WTH you know what I can't. I'm just going to say yea girl, yea! Maybe it's because I'm tired but this video was all over the place...I mean I get what she trying to say but...damn ya know I'm not a director but I can come up with far better concepts then some of these videos! But whatever.