Sunday, January 05, 2014


It's been a minute but I came over here to spread my thoughts for this new year but first and foremost Happy new years all of you that still read this blog or even still know it exist. I really thought about deleting this blog and going in a completely different direction altogether but I think what I am going to try and shoot for this coming year is to at least get a post out every Sunday. So dust those reading glasses off and try and still stay with me if you haven't left already we gonna aim for the moon in 2014 and see if we can't at least hit some stars.

With that being said let's get into it so far in 2014 cheating is still the move disposable relationships are still the thing and everyone is still running around fronting like they don't have emotions. I've met so far a "young perfect thug" his words not mines that has had his heart broken because he hitched his wagon to the worst possible woman he could find. We talking a chick that is fucking out of both legs and having other men's babies while in a relationship with a different man, we talking bringing another man back to the spot you living at with your man still living there and you tossing the man you're supposed to be with out on his ass but telling the new piece not to worry about it. We just talking a grimy not one fuck giving bitch. What amazes me though is this is the kind of woman men will flock too repeatedly and then cry and wail because she shit on you and didn't treat you right. Whatever she got in her sugar walls most be the best shit known to men because they keep flocking to her and all she offer is hot vagina and heartbreak.

People are still out here cheating. I don't get why the concept of dating which means you are not committed to a single person BUT everyone knows what's going on. Honesty will always be the best policy. If you are honest you don't steal a person's choice or right to choose. If you out here selling lies like mama's best homemade biscuits you are willingly taking the choice from another person and that is not okay and it's more than morally objectionable. If you are a liar you have a major character flaw you are untrustworthy and you are just a morally bankrupt person. You deserve to be alone and miserable surrounded by all the lies you willingly feed to others. STOP DOING THAT SHIT, I know these words I type won't make a difference but damn DO BETTER.

Last but not least I want to say that love is not the problem marriage is not the problem it's people who are the problem. You can not expect a generation of selfish people to know how to love and be in a marriage and expect it to last forever. No one is seeing that anymore, so no one knows how to teach it to their children and thus we have a nation of broken, love starved people who go around connected to every social network they can find but can't manage to forage an honest one on one connection to another person. I don't think people realize that all the sex in the world and all the fake unnecessary bullshit you buy or no matter how you perpetrate that your life is one big party it's nothing without someone to share it with. It's nothing when you don't have someone who likes the person you are and knows your quirks and phobias and fears and still decides to link their life with yours. There are some rare people in this world who are looking for an honest real connection but there are way to many others who are just looking for what they can get.

So if you are the rare type make sure to guard your heart and use discernment not everyone who dances into your life is meant to stay at the party some people are their strictly for comic relief and others are there to bring you a lesson so you can grow the trick is to not mix these people up with life long expectations.  If you are the other person the jester, the hurt bringer, the whore monger, the liar, or just one hurt individual looking to hurt someone else take time and heal yourself. Someone hurt you so now you think you are justified in inflicting pain on someone else. Sometimes the world is not fair but that doesn't mean you should make it your mission to rain down pain on others it's never too late to stop being a rain cloud find some peace and learn to love again.