Saturday, July 13, 2013


If you are a black person living in america and you don't understand what it means then you are an idiot. I mean that to the highest degree. You are an idiot who is pretending that the melanin in your skin doesn't put a price over your head and a target on your back.

I was not surprised when they handed down a not guilty verdict after all this man was tried in Florida a state that prided itself on using black slave babies as live alligator bait.

I used to be terrified that my brothers would be targeted by first gangs in the hood, then police, now that the law has given the green light to kill black people with no recourse no real legal action being taken against the perpetrator of said killings I've gotten terrified all over again but this time I'm absolutely terrified for my Niece and Nephews who will God willing grow into black men in AMERICA. The place where black folks who do crimes get a harsher sentence then their counterparts. A black woman can murder her children and she will get life a white woman will do it and they will give her a psyche evaluation and a time out in a nice facility where she can get her mind together and give her rehabilitation and send her on her lily white way.

This is the country where you can fund dog fights and lose a sports contract, end up in jail for two years and have people bring it up everywhere you go because you know a dogs life is more important than a black teen-aged boy's life because he had on a hoodie and the dangerous weapons of skittles and an Arizona tea in his hands.  You know what I am glad about, the fact that the racist have come out of their hiding places because they know they are safe and in good company so now I don't have to wonder about your true intentions and ideologies you wear them on your sleeve so I can recognize them, so thank you racist I appreciate you doing that for me it makes it easier to recognize you in mixed company.

Black people please wake up, I don't know every white person in the world but I know that they don't see us, they don't have any empathy for black bodies bleeding on the sidewalk that's why its so easy to kill a black child, or kidnap and torture a black child, or sexually molest a black child. They value the life of a damn dog over the life of a black person's. I think that the racial climate is just going to get hotter and the fact that black people are still the under minority because Latino's have taken over becoming the biggest minority which puts white folks on alert. They watching their majority slip out of their hands and they are becoming afraid so when you are afraid you lash out in fear and who's still under their boots to be their whipping boys black folks.

We are an island unto ourselves and we don't even want to get along with each other. We put our faith in the wrong things and we look to the wrong people to lead us. Beyonce is not going to shake her ass for justice and Jay-z is not going to do shit to help right the ills in this country. You know what they will do, they will take their money and themselves to a private island while the rest of us who are barely managing to get by suffer. If something isn't done soon then we will be back to the era of Jim Crow. We will begin to see black bodies swinging from trees as the ash of their burned skin wafts on the breeze. We need to look into another place to live because the climate in america is hostile towards us. We need to look into making our own colonies and leaving a place that has made it very clear that it would like to see our blood shed and spilled for amusement. They use our sons and daughters for target practice, they use police brutality and deadly force and it's legal, and railroad us by their laws. We get the stiffest penalties while white counterparts get a slap on the wrist and minimal jail time at best if at all.

You try and get a degree but the loans eat you alive, you try and get a job and taxes and student loan payments eat you alive, this country is designed for the poor to fail, and guess who is still on the lowest rung of the totem pole when it comes to everything advantage wise out here. Communities are failing and falling apart, people losing their homes to predatory loan practices, people barely making enough to eat and feed their families, laws that help black people are being repelled left and right. They have declared war on black skin but no one noticed it because you was to busy watching white owned sport franchises, and manufactured music acts. They put bling within your reach to placate you, they let you love and marry white loose women with the morals of dogs and you eat it up, they let a couple of you eat at their table and in turn you do their bidding and use yourself as a tool to further placate the masses. It's all a trap and black folks ran and skipped and jumped into that bag of tricks so fast its pathetic and now they out here killing off our children with no recourse. With not even a threat of going to jail and now you want to be outraged behind your computer screens.

If you aren't fed up with the way things go in this country then you're sleep or numb, or brain dead either way you are also part of the problem. I for one need to really think about my life and what it means and what it doesn't mean. I know that even though I live in Southern California I don't have to worry about a stand your ground law but I do have to worry about overzealous cops who wants to score points and move up in the ranks by using my black body as a stepping stone. I am over putting on a facade for white folks I will be as civil as I can but now I'm just over it. I don't want to get to know you I don't want to like you I don't want anything from you, your friendship won't give me dignity and it damn sure won't make the world see me as a person so for right now white folks give me 50 feet and some breathing room and anybody else that wants to come for someone in my family because of their skin color, because they dare to draw breath, because they dare to dream and be something in this lily white racist ass world I got some words for you and you should pray that I don't suddenly black out and "stand my ground".....

My prayers and thoughts go out to the parents and loved ones of Travyon Martin. A black teen aged boy who should be living his life right now getting ready to go to college, getting ready to embark on a whole new world and live his life. Instead he was put on trial for his own murder so he wasn't killed once he has been killed a thousand times by the white media, by the mockery of this trial, by people who used his image and tried to paint him as a thug who deserved to be killed.
Today I hate America, right now I am numb and I don't think that my spirit can take much more. I was feeling like shit already so this just made it even worst. I hope there is a God looking down on all of this and preparing retribution for all the Ills that are being perpetrated on his children with melanin in their skin. I gotta try and believe in something greater or there will be nothing but empty days and anger. This can't be life this can't be what people strive for. This can't be the country we hold so high in esteem, something has got to give and I need something to help my spirit because right now I feel so lost and so discounted. What do I do and where do I go? Where is there truly a home for me and mines where we don't have to worry about being killed because of the color of our skin? Where the fuck is our fair American dream? Fuck you american thank you once again for the cold kick in the ass, thank you for reminding me that this country even though it was built by our ancestors that you will never be fair to me and mines and that you are a hateful God forsaken nation of Godless barbarians and savages.