Thursday, December 03, 2009


So... at the end of 2009 folks are getting their fuckery out apparently so first lets start with the flaming fuckery that is Pleasure P, AKA Marcus Cooper the story broke wide yesterday on TWITTER if you're not on there you're pretty much anyhow allegedly Marcus Cooper has a thing for underage children he was even taken to court over the issue. We not talk R. Kelly teenage girls which is bad enough we talking 3-4yr old's here folks. So if these is true then there is a special place in hell for Pleasure and I hope that the minions of hell will take turns passing him around like a fresh piece of grilled ass. Every time I hear about anyone violating and hurting children I can't help but think that these same people are not even human they have to be demons. How can you look at a sweet innocent child and see anything sexual about them?

Apparently Pleasure P has issued a statement: see statement STATEMENT

More on the pleasure p story IS IT SABOTAGE?


Stop me if you've heard this one already (clears throat) How can you change a Tiger into a lion and a cheetah, okay bad joke but still Mr. Woo has been getting it in he been sinking more balls then Fuzzy Zeller Ohhhhhhhhh. All bad jokes aside I'm pretty much over the whole Tiger cheated fiasco I just think it's ironic that Tiger figured he would marry this Swedish/norwegin/icelandic whatever she's a blond haired blue eyed chick and escape the drama of "ghetto" antics as he likes to put it but she straight went R&B on tiger and managed to make him do damage to his Cadillac truck, scratched up his face, and wrecked something in the house and all the cheating resulted in her re-upping that pre-nup in her favor. I say good for her and I say that's what you get Mr. Woo way to pick em. Oh and you're not good at picking side chicks either cause every last one of them tricks ran and told on that ass sucks for you funny for me.

Old news Shaq is still fucking everything walking and his affair with a long time chick that is married to another NBA player is interfering with his job, and screwing up the chicks marriage now the paternity of her kids are in question, I mean really have dick will travel? What's wrong with you folks? I keep telling you time and time again hire me I will be your life coaches cause you folks are fucking up in the worst way possible. Disgusting and horrible behavior I guess money means you don't have to have any types of morals or dignity about yourself.

Okay so I'm off the bullshit, what we should be caring about is sending more troops to Afghanistan, and the health care reform proposal, and the largely unemployed black population that is floundering with no jobs even for those with college degree's. Sigh sweet Jesus of mercy I hope 2010 brings good news with it cause I am full up to the ceiling with bad news. I hated celeb-whore-t's before but I am so over these assholes it's not even funny I don't want to hear about shit ass these assholes do its beginning to sicken me it's like the have money so they want to see how perverse and fucked up they can be. I think once you go past a certain monetary range that you should be required to get a mental evaluation and some type of spiritual counseling.