Tuesday, November 03, 2009


You mean to tell me you can't look at this dude and tell his elevator don't go all the way to the top? AND you set up and let his ass reproduce as well? I blame every adult involved with this situation all y'all need to be stripped of reproduction rights, and your homes/trailers/car/pick-ups/etc should be seized and sold off and you all should be marched down the street with sticks up your asses and weights around your necks then left in the middle of a field miles from no where to die slow.



First Question: If the boy only got an IQ of 59 and he was messing with a 15yr old why did her parent(s) allow it to go on? Okay her grandmother, aunt, older sister whoever is guardian over this child because clearly she is retarded as well if she laying down with a dude that's mentally retarded and she can't tell the difference then she sat up got pregnant and her people let her keep the kid, I get the welfare hustle a baby is a check and clearly someone had to get that paper so what the 15yr old took one for the team? I know that when you mentally retarded then your hormones are extra amped so who didn't give these two their pills? Who dropped the dime on this watch?

Second Question: How the fuck he get enough time to rape AND beat his daughter in a trailer full of people? I can tell by looking at the boy picture he got a mental deficiency what's the problem with everyone else and shit? Do all the people in Arkansas got a cataract? You see his momma is borderline retarded herself setting up lying on camera. She didn't look straight at the camera the whole time she was speaking.

Third Question: why the fuck isn't there some kind of law in place for the prevention of people having kids period. Yes I know that's trampling on peoples free will blah blah blah but just because you have the inner workings to reproduce doesn't mean you should do it. There needs to be some kind of preventive measures in place clearly some people can't govern themselves so everyone has to suffer. I would rather be licensed to be a parent, with a complete mental check-up, IQ test, even a health screen before giving birth. It would nip a lot of shit in the bud and children wouldn't have to suffer at the hands of people who clearly shouldn't be allowed to have children. You need a licenses to fish, to hunt, to drive a car, to even get married but any asshole who deems it so can skeet and produce a kid that shit is unbalanced. Why the fuck are animals, and even fish more protected then the very fruit of human reproduction? Clearly homo sapien's are the most fucked up and flawed creatures on the planet we do some horrible shit to each other and some of you assholes even devour your young.

There needs to be stiffer penalties for child molesters, child rapist, pedophiles and any one who harms a child, mentally, physically, sexually, emotionally. Who advocates for the children? Who speaks for them? How can we call ourselves evolved when everyday some where in the world a child is being harmed? How can we even dare wage wars when we have this kind of heinous shit going on in our very backyards? We don't even protect our children so why the fuck are we in other countries trying to tell them what to do?

I am so angry and you should be as well for every child needs protection and we as adults should protect them with our very lives but instead some sick assholes are the takers of innocence and life. For every person that harms a child the 10th gate of hell is waiting for your mortal soul and I for one think you should be sent there immediately once found guilty. No need to sit in a jail cell and take up space and taxpayers money fry their asses and send then on to hell where they belong.