Sunday, July 28, 2013


So if you aren't about that hip-hop life (I'm not but this is pure fuckery and fun) then you might have missed out on the festivites that have been giving the some of the hip-hop kids and urban bloggers shits and giggles. Dj Khaled has popped the question to your favorite rapper none other than roman's revenge herself. Peep the video.

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So listen after watching this video and seeing his pictures on instagram all on my tumblr I don't really care if this is a publicity stunt I just want to go to that wedding and I want to go to the reception and let me tell you why.

Reason 1. There will be a list of who is who in the rap community every person Khaled has ever worked with or has affiliation to the hip hop community basically its going to be like the source awards but except in a venue where a preacher or vicar or whomever is going to officiate is going to be. 

Reason 2. There will be no shortage of fuckery outfit wise. There will be so many chains it will look like the pawn shop in Beverly hills got robbed. The cars will come out, the hair will be long and Remi, there will be video vixens for days because where rappers are there has gotta be video chicks werking it and twerking it.

Reason 3. I know Drake will cry once the preacher gets up there and the shit gets real. Drake is going to cry and his tears are lubricant sent straight from the angel of death and destruction himself and if he pull a Dwayne Wayne bitch I am so here for it. 

Reason 4. Birdman; do I have to even type anything else?

Reason 5. All of the goons and entourages that comes with young money cash money records will be in attendance they might even let gutter gutter park the cars.

Reason 6. If lil twist show up then Justin bieber will show up and hopefully he will be drunk and high off of whatever he been smoking these days and pee in the baptismal fount and then fall into his very own piss.

Reason 7. I want all of lil wangs baby mommas to show up I want him to have a whole row for all 7 of them with they kids in tow the husbands, boyfriends, boo-thangs can sit behind the babymomma's and lil wang of course will be sitting right all his baby momma's proudly because a pimp always gotta sit next to his stable of ho's and bottom bitches. 

Reason 8. Nicki's dress will have so many colors in it, it's going to make the rainbow jealous. Her hair is going to be big because that's where the doves are going to fly out of and she will have pure ostrich feathers as eye lashes and I would expect her to have a dress in the style of Marie Antoinette no less complete with all the trappings if she had anything less I would be so disappointed.

Reason 9. Manny fresh, Juvenile, and young turk might come through and give us some classic hot boys tracks.

Reason 10. They might have crawfish, or at the very least they might have it catered by zataran's and Popeye's chicken and if they got 40 oz's on deck bitch turn up.

Reason 11. I'm willing to bet a more than a few people who have slept with each other, cheated, been jilted, have children with who they won't claim will be in the same room that paired with liquor is enough to make any wedding special.

Reason 12. Basketball players will be in attendance sans wives and girlfriends looking for their next groupie.

Reason 13. The fleur-de-lis which is the symbol for all things New Orleans will at least be on the table cloths.

Reason 14. I want to see who's going to get the drunkest and the most offended and fight with each other.

Reason 15. Someone will probably get stabbed, shot, or maimed

Reason 16. I want to see what song they dance too

Reason 17. I want Nicki to rap her vows and I want Dj Khaled to just say I DO in his "we the best" trademark way

Reason 18. There will be so much weed in the air that it will be smokey as all hell like they had a smoke machine and the contact high will be unbelievable.

Reason 19. Molly is probably invited and she probably gonna bring all her friends plus the people that push her.

Reason 20.  They will need a metal detector and loads of security to pat down the ratchet.

Reason 21. The line dance, every black wedding has to have at least one line dance and I'm here for a line dance.

Reason 22. The wedding cake, do they make Hennessy wedding cakes? 

Bottom line this wedding and reception is going to be a spectacle to see and I'm here for it. I need to be in attendance for all the fuckery and festivities. It's going to be a train wreck and I want to be front and center. They need to sell tickets to this online through ticketmaster also Nicki needs to do a bridezilla show so I can see her flip out on people in different voices. 

love is a helluva drug