Tuesday, January 13, 2015


First and foremost this is a little late but how's your new year going so far? We're 13 days in you good? Your people good? If not I hope it gets better but let's go ahead and jump into it shall we. Now that we've settled into the new year here are some of the things I think we should let go of this is not an exhaustive list but I think I got all the most pertinent issues but if not feel free to make your own list.

  1. Watching reality shows and pretending you not watching it. You know you smack dab in front of your tv for every fight, for every throw of the liquid, for every insult, stop pretending you're disgusted because you love it and we know it.
  2. Stop looking at every celebrity couple and hollering out Relationship goals. First and foremost most of these so called celebrity couples are PR orchestrated, some folks have even left relationships they have been in without giving the person they were dealing with a heads up. They just left another person with emotional wounds and y'all will stan for this person's new relationship like they didn't just shit on they last partner because you think they make a cute couple, nobody holds a celebrity accountable and that's why most of them are horrible people who do horrible shit and frankly you can put a picture on instagram and be seen out and about in public and pretend you have the best relationship but when these couples are alone, he high, she high, they can't stand each other, they don't even sleep in the same bed as one another, they make the most toxic couple ever but you rock with them because they look cute together its utter foolishness, she taking whatever bullshit he putting down because she loves her lifestyle, he cheat, he have multiple affairs and side babies, I repeat there is rampant unmitigated flagrant infidelity, and it all looks good because these mofo's got some money to throw glitter over that shit. Stop trying to have a celebrity relationship just be in a healthy one because you don't know the price these folks are paying for that relationship and frankly sometimes the price is far to high for way to little. Teach your children and teenagers what real love is stop letting them see it on tv or play out in the media because that's not love and then you will wonder why your young relatives are in abusive unhealthy relationships.
  3. Stop with the pleading for white folks to see your humanity. Stop begging white folks to give you anything. It's time to move on. Ever since they kidnapped your ancestors and brought them over here it has been about domination by terrorist tactics they might give you a little bit to make you feel like you actually might be getting a leg up but anytime they want to pull the rug out from under your feet they will and they do. Start thinking about what can be done and how it can be done for true freedom and liberation. Playing by the white power structures rules has gotten us nothing and no where. Why we still have to march for basic human rights? Why we still have whole cities where people are living without running and working water? Why are we still having conversations about police brutality? IT'S 2K15 if you don't see the problem you are the problem and I'm not discussing it with you. Google works and so does reading.
  4. Stop looking to celebrities to not be idiots they are getting paid for their talents and most of them are as ignorant as the day is long. Talent does not mean integrity. Talent means you have some skill you can make profit off of. They are not here for the art they here for the money and the fame and don't believe anything to the contrary because if they weren't here for the money and fame they wouldn't be working their asses off to get people to buy their product and see their shows. They wouldn't have endorsement deals, they wouldn't be in movies and on television shows so I really need people to stop getting disappointed when their fav celebrity turns out to be an idiot.
  5. You opened up the flood gates so mediocre white people could come in and steal R&B music and rap. You lifted the gate so a few could come in and that left the door wide open for the current issue we have today. If you like that wack shit cool, but miss me with all the bending over backwards and laying down your coat over rain puddles for the bullshit you guys have let in the music industry. There are legitimate talented black artist that can't get record play, that can't sell concert tickets, that have given up music because their talent is going unrecognized while the most basic white people are getting all the accolades and awards and money for putting out the worst shit to a beat. Black people you always been so liberal minded letting people eat off your plate, letting them steal your whole style and legacy, letting them get all the awards and recognition while you cleaned toilets, and cleaned houses, wrote song after song, and taught these white folks and gave them a style. STOP DOING THAT SHIT. The first rule in business is not to tell everything you know because someone will take your knowledge and capitalize on it leaving you behind and uncompensated. 
  6. Stop letting white people rile you up, stop talking to them period, as soon as they show their true colors cut them OFF. Pay them dust. Stop rocking with problematic white people period. Why are you still friends with a person that see's you as a source of amusement or a sidekick? Why would you still be someone's black fetish? Love yourself more, you deserve so much more. Stop providing a private minstrel show.
  7. If white people want to learn about what black people are going through, or what they're facing they have all the money and resources you don't have to explain a damn thing to them. All they have to do is use their fingers on their Mac notebooks to find out anything and everything that is going on currently. They are lazy and don't want to do the leg work don't do it for them because it will go in one ear and out the other. If someone really wants to learn something they research it and they go find it for themselves. Stop following for the false solidarity unless they really doing the work it's a lie.
  8. Can we acknowledge that a vast majority of men love what's between a woman's legs and every orifice that can bring him pleasure but realize that he doesn't love women as human beings as people with legitimate concerns and cares because if men did they wouldn't call us bitches, ho's, thot's, etc or any other nasty name to describe a woman when she is doing something a man finds displeasurable. A man shouldn't have to wait until he has a daughter to recognize that women are people who are here for more than just breeding and getting skeeted in and on. We are so much more than just some pleasure sack that you look at and get off on. We are complex human beings with complex emotions and mental states and that needs to be acknowledge. Especially by the jackasses in congress that want to regulate what a woman does and does not do with her own body. 
  9. Politics is a game we know this, elections have been stolen we know this. The president is a politician and he does what he thinks is best. Overall he's been a far better president than any I've seen in my lifetime. I have healthcare, I can go get check up's. Thanks to the president. He is trying to let people go to college for two years so they can have a leg up in this world because he knows that black and brown students don't have the financial backing for universities at least they can maybe get those two years and work on getting the rest out on their own time. You can say what you want about the president but he has made some good strides. The republicans are determined to repeal everything he has managed to push through and if you fucks let them I don't want to hear a damn thing about what the president is doing. When it was time to vote did you go vote? Did you give your senators and mayors hell? 
  10. Please stop making excuses for the New Blacks let them stay in their delusional lane of respectability politics, and their love of all things white folks, and throwing black people under the bus. Frankly all of these New Black folks who want to turn their backs on the people that helped get them to where they are need not be supported any longer by black folks let their blessed white people take them the rest of the way. I'm good. They don't speak for me or mines, they don't know about my plight and they are out of touch. Let them go and let them prosper with the white folks they love so much. They will not be missed.I don't care if they are your favorite or not let them go stop holding on to these people and hoping they will see the light. Leave them to perish because they not thinking about your and they could care less about what you have going on.
  11. Let's not argue over social media. Debates are fine. Getting your point across is fine but petty mudslinging fights lets leave that in the past. Learn how to throw shade and slay, learn from the elders like Patti, Anita, and Aretha Franklin those ladies shade with the best of them and they do it while looking like a million bucks and not giving a fuck.
  12. Can we stop acting surprised when someone shows their true colors like come on you knew they were faking the funk so why you hurt now?
  13. Can we stop pretending that white people pranks are funny? They do harmful, mean shit and think it's funny. How long y'all going to rock with that?
  14. Evaluate yourself, if all your friends are white and every time you're with them you end up doing stupid shit, or getting in trouble and you the fall guy, guess what those aren't your friends fuck around and end up in jail or worse dead and they will all be alive fake crying at your funeral. Love yourself more and get some black friends.
  15. If you don't like or love black women and you're a black man their is a special place in hell for you and I hope your dick falls off. There is no reason to ingest and believe that all black women are the same. Black women come from every walk of life and if you can't find one that you can get along with...then the issue is not black women it's you.
  16. Stop being a fuck boy in 2k15. Stop lying to women for vagina, stop lying about your intentions, stop using women, stop being a fucking shit. Grow a pair and be honest with yourself and the people you deal with. If you not looking for nothing but just to fuck go ahead and say that. Stop wasting peoples time. Keep it 100% truthful this year and beyond.
  17. Stop falling for fuck tactics, make them work for you. You are more than just some beat and skeet. Stop taking these men at face value. Observe every action, listen to your gut instincts. 
  18. Realize that anyone can rationalize their actions, the way they treat you, what they do, how they do it. With that in mind worry about your own best interest and as long as you are bringing harm to none do you.
  19. More being genuine, authentic and communicating honestly this year.
  20. Last but not least have great fulfilling sex on your terms this year. Make sure as a woman you're getting off and getting satisfied. If you aren't let it be known it's time to be vocal about what's going down in the bedroom. Or invest in some really great sex toy's and don't worry about not getting off ever again.