Wednesday, July 01, 2009


To the left that is the face of a freaky ass child sexual abuser who used adoption as a guise to satisfy his sexual needs with a African-American boy who is all of the age of 5, and so you are not confused let me recount the facts for you, this white man adopted two African-American children because African-American children are easier to get and he proceeds to then molest one of the children for sure and give instructions to other pedophiles on how to molest children. HE also tells other pedophiles that watched him commit sex acts on the little boy that African-American children are the easiest to get [because everyone knows that African-American children are the most thrown away, and no one gives a shit about what happens to African-American children any damn way](me inserting my own words of sarcasm but how many people actually think like this but they never say it because it's not PC!!!) He then invites other pedophiles over so that they can take a turn with the child as well even goes so far as to suggest what hotel the pedophile can use. Then this man also performed sexual acts upon this child after drugging said child with an over the counter cough syrup on web cam while other pedophiles around the world watched. So basically he was going to just whore this child out like a breeding buck because he had picked the child up from Rent-A-Nigger adoption center. Not only was this child in a foster care system but then he got adopted by this white man who proceeded to do sexual things to him and then invite others over as well so they can have a turn.

The deepest hottest most agonizing place in hell would be to good for this man. How the fuck does this happen? I know that the courts are over worked, the social workers are overworked and that you can't possibly catch them unless they give you cause but My God these are just children. So because they don't have parents and because some assholes procreated without thought or a plan these children were delivered into the very hands of a devil. A man who had no problem drugging and performing a sexual act on a child who is only 5. It blows my mind how a grown ass man who already is living with his homosexual partner still isn't getting enough so he has to turn to a child he was given custody of it's very scary out here for children everyday an asshole is reproducing a child they shouldn't have and that child is put in danger because these unbalanced assholes are having these children with no prevention, no one stepping in and saying hey you are the last person that needs a child.

It also causes me to become alarmed when all of sudden people start globe hopping specifically going to foreign countries and just picking up children like they are exotic handbags. I know everyone wants to say well these children would just be in the system forgotten and shuffled around, sometimes even abused by the very people that are supposed to protect them. But I see a real problem with it, its apparent that adoption agencies are a pedophiles playground. Its like baskin robbins to these sick twisted individuals. It is so sad that children especially African/African-American children are treated like exotic pieces of chattel its slavery all over again but this time the slave holders are entertainment folks, actors, singers, pop stars, people who are well off. It's not hard to imagine that the rich and twisted are into having sex with children and adopt these children for that very reason. Their personal little sex toys, this shit angers me and saddens me immensely who advocates for these children? Who speaks on the behalf of these children that are powerless against the people that would do these things to them? What fail safes need to be up into place so that these children don't keep getting exploited and preyed upon? I don't understand this world our most precious resources are they ones we throw away and abuse, and then we wonder why there is a whole generation walking around lost, and again no one sees a problem with it because these people have money so they must be alright, right? They must be humanitarians, modern day saints...or everyday common monsters. Everything that glitters isn't always good sometimes that shit is shiny tinfoil or just gold electroplated.

Sigh...this world makes me tired in more ways then one.